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[Update] C’mon UGAIZ! VOTE for the CILISOS Awards 2014!!!

Of course we were gonna have an award! We’re kicking off the brand new year with a buncha awards for really super important stuff, but it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t ask the most important peepur – UGAIZ!!

So if you’re feeling particularly unproductive today, we’re gonna need you to stay unproductive for a little bit more and cast your votes for our 2014 CILISOS awards.

Oh and please make someone else unproductive too by sharing it NOW!  Hur hur hur.

P/S: We’ll be closing the voting period in 2 weeks, so send in your votes by 18th January 2015 We’ve decided to close the voting this Sunday night (11 January 2015) because we cannot tahan already. Very kiasu, wan to see winner.

1. Most Newsworthy Individual

If you look at a lot of the headlines in 2014, you’ll see a few common names. But not all of them make worthwhile reading. We have people from all camps here, just to make it fair. In this award, we ask that you choose the individual that was worth covering – good or bad.

2. Most Try-to-be-Newsworthy Individual

Also in 2014 was alot of the same people saying ever-more nonsensical stuff. However, we believe that free speech works both ways, and that sometimes even, these people help to start useful conversations. Please help us pick which one you would hope to see less of in 2015.

3. Topics That Have Been Talked About Too Much

Many of the headlines in 2014 made us go “Eh… haven’t I read this before?”. It seems that the media were obsessed over a few topics that kept being rehashed everytime someone brought it up. Here, we ask you to help us pick which topics you’d like to see less of in 2015.

4. Topics That Have Not Been Talked About Enough (if you don’t know which one to pick, vote for the one you have not heard of)

This one was always gonna be a wide category. There were ALOT of things that we thought should’ve gotten more visibility in 2014, and some times in which we’ve tried to give them attention as well. Have a look at our shortlist, and see if there’s anything you’d like to add.

5. Most Unnecessary Quote

Wah, another one that could take up 3 pages of text. We’ll limit it to these for now, but if you have more, feel free to add.


“Chong Wei vs Lin Dan adalah contoh naif untuk menzahirkan rasa cinta kepada Malaysia. Kedua-dua adalah Cina. Tentu kita menyokong Cina Malaysia daripada Cina China.

Katakan, Chong Wei vs Misbun atau Lin Dan vs Misbun atau Lin Dan vs Taufik Hidayat (Indonesia), ketika itu, siapakah yang disokong? Justeru, tidak perlulah berpura-pura mahu menunjukkan cintakan Malaysia, tetapi mengundi ultra kiasu.” – Ridhuan Tee on Chinese supporting Lee Chong Wei


“Bila harga barang naik, sawi naik, kangkung naik. Ada masa dia naik, ada masa dia turun. Hari ini saya baca dalam surat khabar ada yang dah turun.

Kangkung dulu naik sekarang dah turun, apabila dah turun kenapa tak puji kerajaan, masa naik dipersalahkan kerajaan. Ini tidak adil.” – Najib Razak on kangkong



“Saya pun tak takut dengan dia. Letak jawatan sebagai menteri, boleh lawan dengan saya. Dia pun bukan senonoh sangat perangai.

Saya cabar dia letak jawatan, kemudian kita try fight. Saya tampar dia macam buaya baru tahu. Dia cakap kurang asam, biadap.” – Raja Bomoh to Khairy Jamaluddin


“The (number of) newspaper publications with approved publishing permits is sufficient considering the number of readers in the country.” – Zahid Hamidi on newspapers


[UPDATED] Poor Syrian guy trapped in KLIA2 for over a MONTH!? What does he eat!?


“Well Done..Bravo…Long Live Hitler…” – Bung Mokhtar’s tweet on BRA-GER finals



“Teguran ini adalah daripada suara rakyat yang cintakan Islam. Mac lalu kita dikejutkan dengan tragedi kehilangan pesawat MH370, kini pesawat MH17 pula dilaporkan terkena tembakan ‘syubhah’ sama ada Rusia mahupun Ukraine.” – PAS leader on plane tragedies

(Context: Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman said that the serving of alcohol and flight attendants’ attire were sinful and the reason for the MH tragedies)

6. Best Sponsored Content Of The Year

Here at CILISOS, we’re trying to market our clients differently… through good content. Please vote for the following to pick your favourite Sponsored Content from CILISOS.

sponsored content

Click here to make sponsors happy! 20 Strangest Dishes (by Hotlink) | 7 Reasons Santa Mafan (by Smirnoff) | 7 Malaysians Secret Identities (by Tiger Beer) | 11 Most Sesat Autocorrects (by Hotlink also)

7. Most Balanced Media

In a way, we feel Malaysians have really grown up in their media consumption. More and more, it’s seeming like they don’t just see things in black and white, good and bad, but fair and balanced coverage – and media is adapting to these changes. Here are our nominees for the most balanced media of 2014 (forget 2013 coverage la).

8. Article Most Likely To Get Us In Jail

Yikes. Er… just vote, and this page duneed to share k? Shshshshhhhhhh.

get us in jail

P/S: Read dem here!!Would you give our PM RM4,000 to invest for you?‘ | ‘7 ridiculous things the Malaysian fatwa council has banned‘ | ‘7 innocent Malaysian news stories that are (omg!!!) seditious‘ | ‘9 worrying similarities between Maraysia and North Korea‘ | ‘What happened today in 1987 that scarred the Malaysian media‘ | ‘Why Chinese people don’t like it when Najib beats their drums

9. Most WTF Article

Eh ugaiz, not everyday got news one k? So in this award, we’d like to celebrate which of our dumbest articles were the best. Help us out?
wtf articles
All the WTF here! Chris Evans not interested in Malaysian women!! | CILISOS saves stranded Malaysians! | Editor makes coffee butt twerk! | So a geoduck fell into a tank of clams… | Malaysian man receives ISIS package! Nothing happens! | Hokkien dude did the ALS challenge with pee

10. Favourite CILISOS Writer

It surprised us somewhat putting together this list and realising that since our start, we’ve only had 25 writers (including full timers). Many of the freelancers wrote just one article, but there are a few troopers that keep producing the goods over and over again. Here, we’d like you to take your pick of the best (cos then we got bragging rights!). Each name links to their articles for your convenience 🙂

Ariff | Caleb | Chak | Charmaine | Chee Seng | Chi Ho | Cili Crab | Ephan | Hanna | Jasmine | Johannan | Jonathan | June | Kavin | Lydia | Matt | Mistress D | Jo-Lyn | Nigel | Omar | Sgt. Pepper | Siongjun | Stuart | Terence | Uihua

11. Best Badly Photoshopped Image

One of the things that we’d like to think makes CILISOS special is our absolutely horrible PHOTOSHOP SKEELZZ. We love making stupid images, so please help us pick the best of the worst 🙂

bad photoshop

12. CILISOS Hero Of The Year

Out of adversity, heroes are born. – Larry K. Blakely
This is an important one for us. In the most difficult of times, many many great Malaysians emerged this year, and we’re a better country because of them. Have your say and vote for the one that you want to salute 🙂


Casted your votes? Awesome. Remember, voting ends 18th January 2015 11th January 2015 so share this with your friends today!

Happy New Year, people!


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