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Here at CILISOS, we believe that the only way to consume information is with a serious dose of flavour. Our aim is to make mundane things like news and current events entertaining and informative in equal measure. Hopefully, we can provide a different view on the happenings of Malaysia, using our unique recipe of humour banjir-ed onto an analytical view to get our point across. We look for stories that we can all laugh at, and reflect on a bit after our jaws recover.

We also believe in a collaborative experience with our audience, so we hope you’ll join us to create a space we can all spit fire on, add flavor to and enjoy.

Cilisos is wholly owned by Cilisos Media Sdn. Bhd.

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Regardless of whether you’re an adoring fan, a potential advertiser, a politician, a cyber trooper, or a toddler who managed to crawl up and reach the keyboard, we love hearing from our fans.

Please drop us a line at [email protected]


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Stories & Technical stuff: [email protected]

Advertising: [email protected]


Lau Chak Onn – [email protected]

Managing Editor

Lydia Kwan – [email protected]


Ray Saw – [email protected]

Badd Hakim – [email protected]

Sabrina Noor – [email protected]

BM Editor (Soscili.my)

Iqbal Fatkhi – [email protected]

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