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6 Malaysian creepypasta stories shared by Cilisos readers – Don’t read at night!

It’s Halloween weekend! Which means spooky outfits, skeleton decorations and scary movies and stories all around.

Also means it’s time to play that song about spooky scary skeletons.

Now, speaking of scary stories, about a week ago we made a call out to YOU – yes you – for your BEST SCARY SHORT STORY that you have to offer! And boy did you guys send them in; we’ve gotten over 60 spooky tales submitted to us since then, and we’ve filtered thru to give you the top five scary stories. However, there’s actually a bonus honourable mention that we’ll include below because our original top five had a story that went past our 150 word limit. But seeing as the team loved it enough to actually have it in the top five, we guess we’ll let you guys read it anyway heh.

Anyway, enough fluff from us – bring on the creepy stories!


Ais Kacang Surprise by Terence Toh (5th place)

I’ll always remember my uncle’s ais kacang.

He didn’t make it often; maybe once every two months. But when he did, it was wonderful. My uncle would top his bowls of shaved ice with heaps of condiments, finishing with a torrent of syrup.And he was generous with his atapchi. Each bowl would have two of them. His atapchi was delectable, round and squishy, with juice that burst in your mouth when you bit them. No one else’s ice kacang had atapchi like that. Me and my siblings adored eating them.

Atapchi – the squishy translucent stuff. Image from Lion Pride

A year ago, my uncle was arrested. Beneath his house, policemen discovered a cellar with at least 60 human bodies. They had all had their throats slit.While in various states of decay, the corpses were mostly intact. Each of them, however, was missing the same body part.

The eyeballs.


Graveyard Shift by Elayne Tan (4th place)

It was my shift. The temperature seemed colder than ever.

Despite the fact that I had my cup of tea cradled in my hands, it’s as though I’m in a freezer. I went to check on my patients, most of them asleep soundly. I was hovering near the doorway of one and overheard a lady seemingly talking to someone, laughing merrily away. I didn’t come back to her until I was sure her conversation had ended, then I asked who she spoke to.

A child.

Strange, I don’t recall seeing one, let alone the door opening. Smiling nervously, I stepped out. I wasn’t sure what compelled me to look up, nothing there. The lights blackout momentarily, I heard a child’s laughter.. I turned to the end of the hallway, no one’s there. Footsteps sounded, something tugged on my hair. The lights came on.

A dismembered hand, connected to nothing.


Clean Your Plate by Sarah binti Abdul Razak (3rd place)

My mother told me I shouldn’t waste food. She said that the wasted food would be sad.

One day, I didn’t have much of an appetite and had to throw away a half-eaten plate of rice in the garbage bin. I told myself that I’d take it out early in the morning so my mother wouldn’t find out. I then cleaned up and tucked myself into bed.

At midnight, I was awoken by voices, crying.

It was quite loud, coming from within my room. My heart raced inside my chest as I tried to find where it came from.

It was from the garbage bin.

I opened it and the shrill cries hit my ears full force. The tiny grains of rice, writhing like maggots, each had a tiny crying mouth. The sound echoed in my head.

I put my hands over my ears and screamed.


Unsound by Terence Toh (again)(2nd place)

I was walking home late one night, when I sensed something behind me.

I started to feel uneasy. I took a quick peek behind me: a shadowy figure was approaching. With every step it took, a ghastly sound filled the air.

Krrr-krrrr. Krrr-krrr.

I walked faster. Behind me, the figure quickened its pace.

Krrr-krrrr. Krr-krrrr!!

Terrified, I started running. The sound grew louder. I kept running until I reached my house. Finally, I was free! I locked my door, and went to my bedroom. Finally, I was safe. I climbed into bed, next to my wife. “You wouldn’t believe the night I had,” I said.

Wayang kulit is a 'dying art', but these M'sians are reviving it with... Star Wars puppets?

The figure in the bed turned to me, and a chill went down my spine.

“You’re..not my wife.”

The figure’s eyes gleamed red in the dark. It was grinding its teeth.

Krrr-krrrr. Krrr-krrrr. Krrr-krrrr.


1994 by Mark Beau de Silva (Honorable mention)

This one is real, I can assure you because it happened to my cousin. And not like at that time I could think up something like this. It was 1994, and I was 14, she only 8. All of us just finished watching the Tiu Ciu Pan(Chinese Opera) and were walking home, when suddenly she said, “Mama, I headache”. Mama, my cousin’s mother slapped her and said don’t play a fool, go home and eat Panadol. She did, still headache. So my uncle Auntie cousin all got into their van and drove to Penang. All was quiet from BM, until the bridge, she sat up and said in Hokkien, “Mama I cannot see already”.

When they reached the hospital they moved her to the ICU, and poked needles and tubes into her, or at least that’s what I tried to make out from my mother’s conversation with my aunty. She stayed there the night, and we all thought, ‘ aiyah, sure soon will come out already’, until my mother got another call from aunty.

“Come, all go hospital. Your cousin wake up”.

It was a happy thing, right. She must be OK already, isn’t it?

When we arrived, my aunty greeted us. Her face was white. We asked her why.

“Yes she wake up. Yes she talked. But the voice that talk is not her voice”

I don’t know how my mother or aunty can so fast take action; without fear or what, they called up the Mou San (Chinese Medium) to come.

A Chinese medium. Image from Biblioasia

Because the doctor just said it’s a concussion (and just take Panadol?), so they took matters into their own hands. The Mou San said her soul is lost. Body there but other things are going in. They put lanterns around the hospital, even put ganja on the altar to bribe the Hell God. Nothing worked. On the third night, my cousin died.

OK this is the part la that most people get scared when I tell them. After burying my cousin, my aunty and uncle went back to Kulim. When they were opening the gate, the neighbour came out, “Where you go for 3 nights. For 3 nights, we heard your daughter calling your name in the dark. You left her alone at home?”


Food Delivery by Ian Liew (The creepiest of all)

I pressed the doorbell. No answer.

The food was getting cold, I pressed again.

The neighbor next door heard my motorcycle engine running and looked at me through his window grill.

I lifted the food packaging to show him my GrabFood delivery.

Image from Straits Times

“Why don’t you leave it at the gate? My neighbor Uncle Chandran lives alone, he never goes out to collect food delivery ever since MCO started.”

It began to drizzle. Realising the gate is unlocked, I opened it and brought the food to the door.

As I got closer, a pungent stench overwhelmed me. I peeked into the window between the curtains and saw a decomposed body of an old man sitting on the chair with flies swirling around.

Horrified, I tried to call the police and my GrabFood notification popped up. “Is my food here yet?”

It was from Uncle Chandran.


Which one creeped your pasta out the most?

Of course, we did promise prizes for the writers whose stories made it here (one of you even had two of your stories make the top five!), with a bottle of our upcoming Cilisos-sos for everyone here and an extra RM200 for the writer who managed to scare our socks off the most; we’ll get in touch with you guys soon so check your emails aite.

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