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You’re probably here because one of your friends shared one of our articles on your feed, and you’re wondering if you can get the same sorta traction for your brand. Here at CILISOS, we pride ourselves at making everyday things more interesting for our readers, and that includes brands 🙂

Since CILISOS started in May 2014, we’ve garnered quite a following.

  • Our pages reach an estimated 400,000 Malaysians a month, generating up to 700,000 pageviews. If you’d like to view this month’s traffic, please visit SimilarWeb, which is tied to our Google Analytics.
  • Our readers are primarily from urban areas like KL, PJ, JB and Penang.
  • They spend up to 4-5 minutes an article, even on sponsored content 🙂

20 strangest menu items Hotlink Google Analytics

To help brands leverage on our reach…

We offer standard Banners such as these…

Leaderboard LREC

with coverage on Mobile as well as Desktop versions of our site…

… as well as Sponsored Content such as this…

9 problems faced by BANANAS submitted by CILISOS readers

…with most campaigns typically consisting of a mixture of the two.


Here at CILISOS, we believe in Win-Win

win win situation dog meme

We don’t view advertising as a dirty thing that needs to make us money. We firmly believe that with the correct working attitude (from advertiser, readers, as well as ourselves), we can make your marketing objectives fun, interesting and even educational for our readers.

If you’d like to check out what we’ve done for our clients, click here.

And if you’re interested in joining our growing list of advertisers, do drop us an email at [email protected].


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