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Did your parents ever TIPU you with something untrue? Tell us & win!

When you’re young, you believe anything. Especially if our parents tells us it’s true. Somemore last time during the 70s-80s where got Google to fact-check!?

Here are just a few choice LIES from CILISOS parents.

“My mom always told me it was water CRESTNUT. So my whole life I kept correcting people until one day, I googled it.

“Only science stream people are successful :(“

“We picked you up from the monsoon drain”

and of course “If you don’t finish your rice, you sure dem alot of pimples next time one”!

That’s why HP wants your kids to think for themselves!

HP Mindbenders

HP’s on a quest to open up children’s minds… to encourage them to think critically, and out-of-the-box! To start things off, they’ll be having a series of mind-bending puzzles on HP Malaysia’s Facebook page, for parents to encourage their kids to solve.

But they ain’t just staying on social media either. On 17th July 2016, they’ll be hosting the fourth installment of #HPKidsDayOut at Gurney Paragon in Penang, with some super-cool activities that promote critical thinking so that your kids can all grow up to be super-smart n super-knowledgable! And who knows, lucky parents might walk away with somethin too!

But in the meantime, we wanna find out about the things your folks said that weren’t so super-smart. Fill in the form below by the 10th of July 2016, and up to 10 lucky winners will walk away with 4 GSC movie passes each, a HP thumbdrive and a tumbler!

Malaysian law jails people who attempt suicide. But that might end soon.

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    What was the lie your parents told you?

    How did it affect you?

    How did you find out it was a lie!?

    Any relevant photo (Not compulsory, but would definitely help your chances!)

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