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Ever shopped with KIDS? Tell us the craziest thing they’ve done & win RM50 shopping vouchers!

Ever gone shopping with babies or young kids? If you’re a parent, you’ll know that it’s always a challenge. Looking for parking, manoeuvring with a stroller, keeping your kids close, waiting in super long cashier queues, some more husband busy playing FIFA on his phone…… Walao! Stress wei.

Plus, sometimes stuff like these happen and you're just really, really exhausted to do anything anymore

“Boy don’t hit people with your trolley please?!”

Plus, sometimes you’ll never know what to expect when you’re out with kids! Take for example CILISOS reader May, who was queueing up at the cashier when this happened:

“My boy had just been potty trained so we decided to let him go without wearing diapers. BAD MOVE. He ter-pangsai in his pants!

It smeared on the floor and in the trolley. Omgggg. Everyone stared at us but he was laughing all the way!” – May, CILISOS reader and mortified mother of a cheeky 3-year-old

Needless to say, she rushed him to the toilet and didn’t even get to finish her shopping! Too kancheong, it seems.


But what if we said you didn’t need to go through all that?


Yo, mommas! Our awesome new sponsor Nestlé know what it’s like to be in your shoes, so now they wanna help ugaiz (along with other Malaysians) shop for groceries online! If there’s one thing young mothers need, it’s definitely TIME… so why not shop online instead?

Sites like Lazada and 11street aren’t just about gadgets, home appliances and clothes, y’know. Check out all the cool stuff you’re missing out here and here!

And it’s not just the convenience, ugaiz. When you buy groceries online, you get to look up more info before you decide on what to buy. This lets you make teeny tiny changes in your lifestyle, so you can improve your health and your family’s health despite being busy bees.

(Plus, we know you’re smart enough to dig out discount vouchers somewhere. 😉 Hur hur hur.)

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So just choose, purchase and relax. Live in peace, not in pieces. Go spend quality time with your family 🙂 But here’s a bonus…


.. now you can get an RM50 online shopping voucher from Lazada or 11street!

How? By telling us stories! Just tell us about the craziest or funniest thing your baby/child/niece/nephew/friend’s child (you get the picture) ever did when you were out shopping with them. TIP: We’d definitely prefer stories that happened in local supermarkets or shopping centres 🙂

The funniest entries will be rewarded with an RM50 Lazada or 11street shopping voucher! (T&C for vouchers apply.) Hurry, contest close 10th October 2016! 

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    Tell us about the incident that happened

    What did you do after that?

    Where did this happen, and how old was your child?

    Any relevant photo (Not compulsory, but would definitely help your chances!)

    I agree to grant CILISOS Media SDN BHD and Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad the rights to use the content I submit in their promotional materials, royalty-free and without limitations. However, neither CILISOS Media nor Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad claim ownership of the content that you create, nor shall they be liable for damages resultant from unlawful use of the content submitted or any related copyright violations.

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