What are the weirdest ways ugaiz stay healthy? Tell us and win!

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Y’know, we Malaysian are one unhealthy bunch la. There’s a bucketload of not-so-pleasant stats Malaysians have earned, but since they make us feel sad we’re just gonna do it really quickly and with cheerful colours.

  1. We’re the most obese country in South East THE WHOLE OF ASIA!
  2. There are 4.7 million smokers in Malaysia, and most start before they turn 18 years old.
  3. 2.6 million Malaysians aged 30 and above are diabetic. 🙁 
  4. And about 75% of us don’t exercise! (That figure prolly includes the 80% of us in our office. Bad CILISOS!)
  5. (The list goes on but we’ll stop here or not you dowan to read anymore.)

Anyway, there are so many factors to this. We’re too busy with work, we’re too lazy to walk, we still prefer eating out, and we want things fast and cheap. HOW LA LIDDATTTT? Anyway, we wanna know….

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If you answered #3 and #4, you’re pretty much like the rest of CILISOS. But if you answered #1 and #2….


… maybe you’re the healthy one and you’re worried about your friends

And if so, you may or may not have encountered roadblocks trynna get them to take care of their health. Our friends at AIA know this very well, and are trying make a change with their ‘Health Report Card’ campaign, where you can evaluate the health of your loved ones and send them their results. (Check out this video of kids candidly scoring their own parents… and parents promising on camera that they’ll stop smoking and all 😛 #awkwardbuttotallyunscripted)

The test takes less than a minute and it’s super fun to do! You may also start realising things about your friends and family, although some may just deny their results… Like our E-grade Editor-in-Chief here…

Our Assistant Editor scored our Editor-in-Chief  :P Click to score your friends!

The test and the result… Evaluated by our Assistant Editor 😛 (Click to evaluate your friends!)

Chup – if you’re NOT the healthy one then how? You can still use the Health Report Card 🙂 just don’t forget to evaluate yourself!

But we know what it feels being unhealthy. Go gym after work, too malas…Go jogging outside, scared got acid splasher or haze… Wanna play badminton, always no court. But it’s ok – Malaysians can come up with the most genius (albeit weird) solutions, like these fellas… 🙂

Unedited photo from Flickr user nicholas-chan (Creative Commons)

Unedited photo from Flickr user nicholas-chan (Creative Commons)

“My girlfriend ties a string around her waist before she goes out. She gets super conscious when it gets tighter, so she won’t eat so much. Damn mengada la, she looks fine what..”

“I smoke 3 sticks of cigarettes on one day, then zero the next. Then smoke again the next day, then zero the next. May help me manage my cravings, I dunno…”

We genuinely don’t know if some of these actually work, but we gotta respect these fellas for being so semangat la. But now, we’re passing the virtual mic to ugaiz.

6 confirm pasti signs that your friend suddenly became an insurance agent


Tell us what are some of the weirdest ways you know!

Ok la, doesn’t have you to be you specifically – can be about someone you know. Bottom line is, we wanna know MORE ways. The 10 most unique entries will win

A health check voucher from BP Healthcare (worth RM200) and a complimentary 14-day pass at Fitness First! 😀

(Check out some of the BP Healthcare checkups here. Plus, there’s a limited-time promo for Basic Health Screening at only RM165 per pop wei!) #tenkiuAIA #welubyoulongtime

Hurry, contest ends 30th September 2015!

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