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What does your family do for CNY that no one else does? Tell us & win!

One of the things that makes Malaysia truly unique is that it’s a melting pot of cultures, and that despite their differences, these cultures have grown side-by-side with each other for decades. You see it every year in Merdeka TV ads, and nowadays, YouTuber videos.

But we also see it in our festivities… CNY isn’t Chinese food all the way anymore, just like Buka Puasa isn’t just murtabaks and pulut. Combine that with all the various and sometimes bizarre traditions from our descendants in China, and you get some pretty weird stuff. Add some angmoh influence in, and sometimes, lions can wear kilts.

This one's actually from Canada. Via

This one’s actually from Canada. Via


And AIA wants to find out all those little weird things that happen during YOUR version of CNY

This Chinese New Year, our friends at AIA wants you to remember that when it comes to traditions, it isn’t what’s right or wrong that matters, but more importantly, that you’re with family. Kinda like this family which ended up in an unexpected place:

So we’re working with them to ask our readers about all the funny little things that your family does that other families don’t. Maybe you guys have a CNY tree? Or gift exchange instead of Angpows? Or you guys all dress up on onesies (including ahma), and dance the funky chicken?

OMG even better… give us that picture of Ahma too!

Anyways, if you DO have one of these unique traditions, WE want to know about it! Tell us about the tradition, and if we pick your entry, you’ll get 4 TGV MOVIE PASSES! OMG!

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Fill in the form below by 13th January 2017, and let us buat your CNY huat!

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