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CONTEST: What would make Santa’s life hard in Malaysia?

WAH. So fast Christmas already?

Not yet… but Smirnoff Ice has some AWESOME plans for Christmas and they wanna hear your suggestions! Tell us the Things that would make Christmas super-difficult for Santa in Malaysia, and you could WIN A Carton of Smirnoff Ice!


According to the boys’n’girls at Smirnoff ICE, it’s actually the #1 ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage in the world. So what does it taste like? Well the marketing guys describe it as a “Deliciously crisp with refreshing lemon taste“, and thankfully, Smirnoff Ice were also kind enough to sponsor us a crate for our recent Writer’s Meet, so here’s some feedback from CILISOS freelance writers (who in case you didn’t know, rarely use the word “deliciously”).

“Hey… this is actually quite pleasant!”

“eh… Dem nice wei”

“Nah don’t worry dude, I took a cab”

Smirnoff-Contest-MechanicsThat last guy had quite a few just to give a good…er .. opinion. Anyways….

So Why’s Smirnoff Ice doing this?

Well, they’re actually gonna be reinventing Santa in the coming weeks, and bringing him to all your favourite drinking spots around KL to reward people drinking Smirnoff Ice. And when we say rewards, we MEAN rewards.

  1. Every Monday, they’re giving something out on their Facebook Page (started already. faitit faitit! One of our mates, Destine, already won a Casio G-Shock!),
  2. If you get spotted by Awesome Santa with a bucket of Smirnoff Ice at one of the drinking places he’ll be at (again, check FB), he’ll give you something AND
  3. Even if you buy it off the racks and take it home, you might STILL get something.

Check out all the freebies on the Smirnoff Ice Facebook Page here.

WAIT. Wasn’t Santa invented by a drinks manufacturer? HMMMm

Actually no. There’s a common myth that the world’s biggest softdrink brand created Santa, but the truth is Santa didn’t appear overnight. Here’s what he looked like back in the 16th Century…


Father Christmas from the 16th Century – From Wikipedia

Yea we know, he’s actually kinda creepy looking. If he showed up in our room in the middle of the night, we sure call Polis adi.

Then we got this supremacist with his ‘elf’.


also from wikipedia

Closer to the 20th century, he evolved into this.

1906 Santa

and finally into the Image we’re used to today…

Santa in 1925 - from Wikipedia

Santa in 1925 – from Wikipedia


OKOK CUKUP HARI IN DALAM SEJARAH! Here are them contest entry details.

Sorry la, you know how we like to write long long. ANYWAYS, if there’s one thing for sure, Santa changes over the years to adapt. And since Santa’s now in Asia, perhaps he needs another level of evolution….BUT FIRST, the biggest problem is that Santa was actually created by and for Angmohs, who obviously have things like SNOW, and er… reindeer.

So we need to find out… what makes the current version of Santa so unsuited to current climate conditions? (for obvious reasons, probably best you keep religion out of this one yea)

    Your Name*

    Your Email*

    The thing that would make it Difficult for Santa*

    How would it complicate his job in Malaysia?*

    Relevant Photo (not compulsory)

    I'm age 18 years and above & a non-Muslim

    I agree to grant CILISOS Media SDN BHD and Guinness Anchor Bhd the rights to use the content I submit in their promotional materials, royalty-free and without limitations . However, neither CILISOS Media nor Guinness Anchor claim ownership of the content that you create, nor shall they be liable for damages resultant from unlawful use of the content submitted or any related copyright violations.

    You can use words, a picture or whatever, and we’ll do the rest (including if you like, getting our super talented graphic designer, Dominic Chin, to illustrate your ideas!) Fill in the form above before 1st December 2014 and let’s hope there’s something very very holly from Smirnoff Ice in your stocking this year 😉

    There are 3 crates of Smirnoff to be won for the first 3 winning entries received, and other Smirnoff premiums for everyone else!

    In the meantime, if you LECEH to join, then remember, there are many other ways to win and make this year’s Christmas EXTRA Chrismassy at



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