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13 wannabe #richkidsofmalaysia photos by CILISOS staff!

So! Malaysia’s possibly going through an economic crisis and everyone’s saving up for tax season, and just a few days ago we were greeted with this: The Rich Kids of Malaysia’s Instagram account! If you haven’t heard, well aren’t you in for a treat. This IG account is pretty much what it is: photos of rich Malaysian kids. Expensive watches, expensive cars, expensive holidays… Errthang that may make you feel very poor, very fast.

Check out a more detailed writeup by Coconuts KL here.

Check out AAAALLLL its glory on!

Check out AAAALLLL its glory on!


Eyer why these people so showoff one?

Actually, not all of them lor. While the account claims that the photos under it are submitted ‘voluntarily’, recent postings have proven otherwise. Miss World Malaysia 2012/2013 Lee Yvonne found a photo of herself on the account (not there anymore, don’t bother looking), and so did another Malaysian beauty queen.

“‘Voluntarily’? Not at all. I only found out about my photo when my friend tagged me in it, and by then it was already 3 days ago.” – Elvina Chua tells CILISOS

Photo courtesy of Elvina Chua

Photo courtesy of Elvina Chua

Elvina tells us that she then asked RKOM to remove the photo, which they then did without apologising or anything.

“I asked them to kindly remove the pic and they did. It’s just so rude jumping in conclusion through photos… Plus, I’m not a ‘kid’ anymore lah.” – Elvina Chua tells CILISOS

Read up on more backlash by users in this piece by Malaysian Digest.

But to be fair to RKOM, CILISOS kept scrolling through the photos and found users that were pleasantly surprised that they were featured, being thankful and all. The account has also made a stand against haters, asking them not to take it out on the richies being spotlighted but on the admin itself:


Ugh, but I still can’t stop looking!

Yeah, neither could we. Whether or not they’re obnoxious or smug is one thing, but there’s no denying our weird obsession with lifestyles of the rich and famous.

It’s like watching that Super Sweet 16 show on MTV with kids that are spoiled to the bone by their rich daddies and mommies. You get so annoyed them for their demanding outbursts from the very start of the episode, but you watch all the way to the end with the celebrity-DJ party, interviews with impressed, wannabe-cool school friends, and the grand present-giving ceremony. Maaayyybe can beat Tan Sri Teh’s parties also.

LOL gurr why can't u wish for a puppy or something? GIF of Super Sweet 16 from Tumblr

LOL gurr why can’t u wish for a puppy or something? GIF of Super Sweet 16 from Tumblr

“These kids are so spoiled!! When I was 16, I only got a new pair of Power shoes!” – Regular people.

And so you cringe, barely even looking away from the TV. And that’s ok, cos things like these are typically the kinda stuff everyone hates but can’t seem to stop watching. It’s sooo bad it’s good. 

And by that, it explains why so many look-at-me-I’m-rich sites and shows have popped up, such as Rich Kids of Instagram (now THIS is the real deal, ugaiz) and the many fashion bloggers who seem to have a neverending supply of Prada loafers and Valentino clutches. (BryanBoy, we’re looking at you.)

Yeah, it kinda sucks that these seemingly jobless kids (we said seemingly) are spending moolah without working their butts off, all up in our faces, while our monthly salaries are slashed for gomen taxes, mortgage, car loan, last Christmas’ credit card debt and all. But let’s face it – for us #basicpeople? Deep down, we’re probably amazed.

Noh! I still hate this account, everyone’s so smug!

But would you still hate it if CILISOS got featured? Uhh… Nevermind, dunnit to answer.

Since it’s a weekend, it’s time for us to have some fun. We wanna know what it’s like to be rich too! Anyway you’re already expecting this so no point talking. Here you go, 13 photos of CILISOS staff (and stuff) that can also be #richkidsofmalaysia!!!


Wahlao CILISOS, ugaiz seriously syok sendiri wei.

Yeah a bit la. But what we’re trynna say is this – let’s not be too judgemental about who’s rich and who’s not.

Sometimes, it’s not that they’re loaded – it could be a borrowed Rolex (or a fake from Petaling St!), it could very well be a budget trip to Spain. And even if they’re really, really, stinkin’ rich, that’s ok too! It doesn’t automatically make them a bad person… Just like how doing charity doesn’t necessarily make one a good person. 🙂

BRB, gonna check out more seemingly obnoxious rich Malaysians in another account, “Rich Kids of Malaysia” (without the ‘The’!).


P/S: Our captions are fake. We’re not that rich. Or mean (except Jo). Plz dun kidnap us kthnxbai 

1 Utama tested 6,000 people in 2 days. But that made social distancing difficult.

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