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Walao… how did GRIMFILM’s new video get 0.5 million views before being published publicly?

So usually, when GRIMFILM do a video, they might upload an early draft before the real thing. They usually unlist this video, so it doesn’t appear on any YouTube searches and stuff. But last week, GRIMFILM released a new video entitled “How to be Internet Famous“, unlisted (they actually JUST listed it)… and before listing, it was already at 450,000 views!

Jared (the toothy guy who leads GRIMFILM) tells us that his videos usually get an average of 50-200k views, usually over the course of a few months, so this was definitely something different.

When I went into my analytics I was like HALO. WAHLAO. WHAT HAPPENED!? …VELINAI!” – Jared, GRIMFILM


Here’s the chart of its sudden performance jump

Well, we hate to let the cat out of the bag, but….


CILISOS might have had something to do with it

cilisos JARED

Note the product placement on bottom right 🙂

So yea, we got a small part in the film (as Client 1) with product placement all, and the minute our 63,864 fans on Facebook found out about it, that’s when things really started to go ballistic. We estimate that EVERY ONE of them shared it on their Facebooks, leading to an average of 5 views per share, leading to at least 300,000 views!

The remaining 16,000 must be Jared’s own fans la.

Don’t agree with us? Watch the video yourself and tell us your theories in the comments below 🙂

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