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Have you been to this Insta-mazeballs MIRROR pantai? It’s only 60 mins from KL (!)

Got no plans this weekend? Don’t settle for a coma-inducing day at home, rotting on your couch and watching TV. So S-I-E-N! How about taking a road trip that won’t cost you a quarter of your petrol?

Our friends at Traveloka has just released Unseen Malaysia, a fun, blue infographic with over 38 local destinations you should add to your bucket list, though if you’re greedy, you can always click their read more button which shows around 144 destinations. Yeah seriously, 144 locations in Malaysia… we didn’t realise there were so many cool places to visit.

For those of you who love travelling, you might already be familiar with Traveloka. It is an online travel website that offers extensive flights and hotel deals – over 100,000 routes! If you love promos as much as you love travel, then you can check them out. What makes Traveloka unique is that they’re all about honest pricing, meaning whatever price you see on the very first page, that’s what you will pay at the end of your checkout. All the taxes, surcharges and payments fees are shown up front.

Anyway, as we korek through the list (and Google Imaged each one, obviously 😛 ) we were nosebleeding over some of the picturesque Insta-worthy places. And you know what? Some of these places are really nearby.

Here are 4 stunning locations you won’t believe are an hour from KL/PJ. (Okla some of them not an hour exactly, kasi chance can or not?)


1. The mirror-like plains of Sasaran Beach, Kuala Selangor

  • Travel time from KLCC: About 1 hour 15 minutes (normal people); 45 minutes (Malaysian driver)
  • Best for: Family and friends who love taking 8936285 photos together 
  • Don’t forget to bring: Selfie stick, tripod, powerbank, flip-flops and lotsa sunscreen 
sasaran beach sky mirror 1

D: whoaaa. Img from

Sasaran Beach in Kuala Selangor is also called Sky Mirror for one very obvious reason. It looks like you are standing on a vast mirror! It’s not exactly a beach, it’s more like a never-ending expanse of sand and sea, and that’s it. Just an endless mirror as far as the eye can see. It feels as though you can keep walking and walking for days and you’d never get anywhere (or you might just drop off the end of the Earth). It’s truly a wonder of nature, omg we can’t even. We’ll let these pictures do the explaining:

sasaran beach sky mirror 3

Img from

sasaran beach sky mirror 4

See the line where the sky hits the sea, it calls me. Img from

What makes this place even more mysterious is that the mirror-like reflection is a phenomenon that’ll only occur twice each month. This place has been dubbed Malaysia’s very own Salar de Uyuni, after a similar natural wonder in Bolivia. A word of advice though, there’s virtually nothing there, no buildings, NO TOILETS, so you might wanna empty your bladder and bowel before the trip.


2. The colourful world of Pulau Ketam

  • Travel time from KLCC: About 45 minutes to Port Klang, then another 45 minutes to the village
  • Best for: People who looooove seafood  
  • Don’t forget to bring: Sunscreen, an empty stomach, and umbrellas/portable fans – no tall buildings around, so a bit panas 
pulau ketam colourful

Oompa loompa! Img from

Besides its funny name, Pulau Ketam is femes for seafood and cycling. The first one is obvious la, coz duh it’s a fishing village. There are about 6,000 villagers here from Teochew and Hokkien clans. As for the latter, because there are no roads or cars, the only way to get around the island is by boat or cycling/walking on the narrow wooden and concrete boardwalks.

This British officer fell in love with Malay culture... so he stayed back to protect it

One thing that will strike you about this place is how colourful it is. All the houses and painted the colours of the rainbow, it’s like stepping into the set of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Come check out this popular family outing destination for yourself and see. We see great photo ops, great photo ops everywhere.

pulau ketam colourful 2

Quaint old fishing town. Img from


3. The refreshing waters of Kanching Falls

  • Travel time from KLCC: About 45 minutes, maybe less 
  • Best for: Anyone who’s almost half-roasted from the Malaysian heat 
  • Don’t forget to bring: Mopiko, change of clothes, proper shoes and good company 🙂 
kaching falls

Img from

Set in a 500-hectare forest reserve in Rawang, Kanching Falls is a stunning waterfall where you can go hiking, swimming, picnicking, and even camping. One couple even decided to tie the knot at this picturesque place!

The falls itself are 120m high and spaced over seven levels. The first few are easily accessible by steps, but the higher ones may require going through the jungle or climbing up rocks.

Since it’s close to the city, this makes the spot great for a weekend getaway. Did we mention that people say it’s well-maintained? Good la, we want it to be forever Kanching Falls, not Kencing Falls, please. So if you do go, remember to keep going higher and higher up the levels. The higher you go, the quieter and more serene the place becomes.

Just be careful of the monkeys, or more specifically, the ‘macaques’. Like their name, they’re pretty rough and aggressive… so DON’T feed them!


4. The illuminated nights at Kampung Bukit Belimbing

  • Travel time from KLCC: 1 hour 15 minutes (or less cos got highway hehe) 
  • Best for: Hopeless romantics …. or people who just like bugs 
  • Don’t forget to bring: Mopiko, long-sleeved baju and long trousers
kampung bukit belimbing

Img from

We have the perfect playlist for you if you wanna go see fireflies at Kampung Bukit Belimbing…… ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City la, or ‘I See The Light’ from Disney’s Tangled, if you’re going with your significant other, keke. You know, they don’t call fireflies the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World‘ for nothing, and there’s no better place to watch them berkelip-kelip than here in Kuala Selangor on a boat.

Up to thousands of fireflies may group together on a tree, beginning their show about one hour after sunset, for up to two to three hours. The brighter lights come from male fireflies, coz y’know, to pikat perempuan, aww. In their brief lifespan of two to three months, they’ve filled many a visitor to Kuala Selangor with wonder. Just don’t be too amazed until you fall into the river.


So have we pressed all your wanderlust buttons yet?

These are just four of the countless awesome travel destinations. Malaysia is awesome. And there’s more from where that came from – just go to Traveloka and check out their interactive Unseen Malaysia infographic to start building your bucket list. Those boring weekends can go and kick the bucket.

Unseen Malaysia | 41 Bucket-list-worthy Destinations

View the full, interactive version here

Along with the infographic, Traveloka is running a contest where you stand to win a RM1,000 voucher as the grand prize, or RM200 vouchers.

All you gotta do is follow them on Facebook and share their Unseen Malaysia page. Add a caption by specifying ONE location you would like to visit from their page and WHY in less than 50 words. Just tag @TravelokaMY on Facebook and add the official hashtag #unseenmalaysia, set your post to ‘Public’. Be as creative and original as you can if you want that RM1,000 voucher yo. And that’s it, easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

contest wiinner

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