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CONTEST: Car won’t start? Flat tyres? Tell us your MCO car troubles and win prizes!

After not driving for a full month, this writer decided to check if her car road tax had expired. She then proceeded to the condo’s basement parking lot to find her car. To her shock, her car was no longer at her parking spot, and in its place was…

“Ya Allah, takkan kena curi kot?”

In that moment of panic, she thought her car had somehow been stolen, and the thief left a toy car as a cheeky “replacement”. Frantic, she rushed to the security guard to ask for help. The guard followed her to the parking spot, and after taking a quick look, he left to call his supervisor. 

At that moment, this writer realized she fudged up. Turns out, she was at the wrong level the entire time, and her car was safely parked just one level up. After she embarrassingly explained the situation to the condo security supervisor, she went back up to her unit in shame, writing this article.

That being said, this writer is sure that she isn’t the only one who had a car blunder during the MCO, where a lot of us just kinda forgot that we even had a car (except when we have to pay road tax or monthly installments la). So if you can relate…


Tell us what happened to your car and WIN!

Das right, we wanna know what happened to your poor vehicles during the prolonged work-from-home days. Be it unfortunate stuff like dead batteries, or even better yet, any humorous events like a family of rats moving into your car and now paying you rent in cheese wheels.

Just fill in the form below along with any relevant pics of the poor car, and FIVE of the best stories would be featured in a Cilisos article. And just to make up for all your car troubles, the five winners will each be receiving a RM50 Lazada gift card!

*Not actual size, model sold separately

The closing date is 22 Feb 2021 (Monday), so don’t forget to send in your entries like how this writer forgot where her parking spot was…

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