CILISOS.MY is looking for new writers! Apply now :)

Das right ugaiz!

We’re looking for FULL-TIME WRITERS!  *Update 1st Dec 2016: application for full-time writer is now closed. We’re still open to freelancers tho!*  

CILISOS.MY is going to be 3 years old soon, and amagadddd, we’re so sick of looking at each other’s faces. Damn jelak can vomit already. So now we want new blood to join our little team!

We’re looking for someone who…. 

  1. Knows the aim of CILISOS.MY.
  2. Has interest in Malaysian current events, politics and lifestyle.
  3. Is hardworking and curious. (Ya gon be doing lots of researching and interviewing.)
  4. Has good command of English, Manglish and Meme.
  5. Is keen to learn and able to take criticism.
  6. Can think out of the box. The box does not exist. Actually do we all even exist?
  7. Doesn’t mind a semi-violent, inappropriate and messy workplace.
  8. Is a genuine and decent human being who hates office politics and appreciates a family-like workplace.

Past writing or reporting experience not necessary. We just need you to be able to write casually, so if you use words like ‘equivocally’ or ‘ennui’ are in your daily vocab plz dun apply kthnx!)

Oh and bonus points if you know how to use a coffee machine and love cats.

But cats don't really like us. Bongok. Unedited images from benzinga.com, pcworld.com and rpnation.com

But cats don’t love us or coffee. Life is unfair. Unedited images from benzinga.com, pcworld.com and rpnation.com

Sounds like something you’re interested in? If yes then fill up this form nao:

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    Submit your CV:

    Submit your best writing sample. Choose one that's fun/casual/CILISOS-sy! (Not necessary for Video/Sales Intern)

    NAH, BACA:
    4 surprising reasons why some Malaysian LGBTs are voting BN for GE14

    Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

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