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Do you change jobs more often than the average Malaysian? Take our survey to find out

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If you clicked on this article, chances are that you probably could relate to the title – you’ve been switching jobs quite regularly, and you’re starting to wonder if you’re doing it a bit…too much. So how much is too much? Is jumping ships every 2 years considered normal?

But if you think back, this was probably not the first major switch in your life. In fact, many of us probably had to change our future plans much earlier – right after uni and on to our first jobs. And for a lot of us, what we’re doing as a career probably has nothing to do with our university major. But hey, if we click rewind to the days our teachers asked “what do you wanna be when you grow up?”, our cita-cita as a kid also probably has nothing to do with what we studied or our careers.

Move over Tony Stark, it’s Tony Seterika now! Img from The Mockumentary.

We’re not here trying to make you rethink your life choices – it was just something we noticed in the Cilisos ofis itself. Some of us studied forestry, computer science, and even psychology. Our routes here all varied but all of us ended up as keyboard jockeys writing articles with some pedas on it.

So now we’re curious to know about you guys – what happened between your cita-cita, studies and your current career?

  • Did you actually achieve your cita-cita?
  • Did our Asian parents’ brainwashing us to become doctors, lawyers, or engineers worked?
  • Do most people actually work in the field they studied, or did they end up doing something completely unrelated?
  • How often do they average Malaysian switch jobs, or even switched industries entirely?

We pray your reach dreams, son. Img from Games Outlets

For this survey, we partnered up with our friends from Taylor’s University, who’d love to know how they can help you bridge the gap between your cita-cita and your career; or at the very least help youngsters figure out what they actually wanna do before they step into the working world.

This survey won’t be up for long, so tell us all about your journey by 26 September 2021. We’ll be back with the results in November. Until then, please…

Click here to take the Silap Cita-Cita Survey!

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