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Guess which Coldplay song kena meme the most in M’sian ads?

When Malaysians found out they were getting the Adventure of a Lifetime when Coldplay was con97firm having a concert here, seas of Coldplay fans would rise once they gave the word.

….and for many companies, it was also a prime opportunity to Fix You up with some neat Coldplay references in their ads; arguably started by McDonalds:

But as you’re probably already cringing from the paragraphs above, not all Coldplay songs are easily memeable. After all, nobody said it was easy (that’s the last one, we promise.). We categorized every ad we could find by the Coldplay song reference and, while you might think the most popular (or perhaps easiest song) to use was Yellow, it was actually….


Fix You (7 references)

On the top spot is Fix You, a song Chris Martin wrote to comfort Gwyneth Paltrow after her father died. If you’re wondering which brands worked the lyrics or title into their products, well, wonda no more!

1. Wonda Coffee

Image from Wonda Coffee Malaysia



Image from Ikea Malaysia


3. Ajinomoto

Image from Ajinomoto Malaysia


4. nanoSTIX

Image from nanoSTIX Malaysia


5. ShopBack

Screencapped from ShopBack Malaysia’s Twitter post


6. Bank Islam

Image from Aqil Be U / Bank Islam


7. TNB

Some companies also took things a step further by adding animation. We’ll embed the animated ones so you’ll get the full experience


Yellow (6 references)

Yellow is Coldplay’s signature song, being the one that broke them into the international mainstream.

While the meaning of of the word “yellow” in the song has been disputed, perhaps the truest explanation is that there’s actually no meaning and Chris Martin just makes up stories when asked about it.

1. Maggi

Screencapped from Maggi Malaysia’s Instagram account


Huh? 3 of the biggest HARI RAYA TV ads of 2018 were directed by... a CHINESE dude?

2. McDonald’s

Image from McDonald’s Malaysia


3. M&S Santan Kelapa

Image from M&S Santan Kelapa


4. Julie’s

Image from Julie’s Biscuits


5. Carsome

Image screencapped from Carsome’s Instagram page


6. La Cremeria

Image screencapped from Nestle Ice Cream Malaysia’s Instagram page


My Universe (4 references)

A collaboration between Coldplay and BTS was rumored after the K-Pop band covered Fix You in early 2021. The song is a story of putting love above all differences and is, true to lyrics, seen as a perfect union of both bands’ musical styles.

1. Petronas

Image from Petronas


2. Bask Bear

Image screencapped from Bask Bear Coffee’s Instagram page


3. Maybank

4. TGV


A Sky Full of Stars (2 references)

This is Coldplay’s first dance track, co-written and co-produced with Avicii. The song was played in a number of notable introductions: the announcement of the Apple Watch in 2014, and Joe Biden as the US President – it was his late son’s favorite song.

1. Fixi Books

For context, this was a joke for supporters of the local publisher. But now some people are asking for an actual book to be written.

Image from Buku Fixi


2. Swifty

Image from Swifty Malaysia


I Want Something Just Like This (1 reference)

A collaboration between Coldplay and The Chainsmokers, the lyrics were apparently written after an hour of freestyling which The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart said was a “stream of conscious

Texas Chicken


Adventure of a Lifetime (1 reference)

Apparently this song was inspired by Chris Martin’s brief romance with Jennifer Lawrence in 2014. Apparently la.

Epic Homes

Image from Epic Homes


The Scientist (1 reference)

The most distinctive part of this song is its piano riff, which has been widely praised and sampled. However, piano enthusiasts initially had trouble replicating the exact sound… the reason being that the recording was done using an out of tune piano.

Pos Malaysia

Image screencapped from Pos Malaysia’s Twitter page


Let us know if we missed any, or if there were some obvious ones you were surprised didn’t get made. For example, we were surprised no one used Viva La Vida (Perodua Viva?) or that we didn’t see a Yellow one from Digi.

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