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Hokkien dude did the ALS challenge with Pee-cubes (and why we love it)

His message. Not the Pee-cubes. In what is a phenomenon that only works in the Internet era, many people are riding on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to bring attention to their own causes. This guy (whom we’ve decided to bestow the title of Too Pong the Long), wanted to highlight the water shortage we’re currently facing, as well as a certain level of irony with everyone taking the challenge. And he did the best ALS video we’ve seen. Yes, he owned Matt Damon.

BTW, this is our theory on why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone so viral.

Chak Onn Lau ALS status

Aaaaaanyways, we bought into the hype as well, and challenged our advertisers, Hotlink to do the same – as well as Jason Lo and Bung Mokhtar, but they didn’t reply 🙁

But if you’ve watched our video, you’ll see that we did wonder about all these buckets of water being poured while other people are getting their water out of a truck. In fact, the Selangor government just showed that their dam is at even more critical levels now than EVER, and are calling on people to conserve it.

So if you live in Selangor, maybe THIS is what you should be doing.

And in typical CILISOS fashion, here are 6 reasons why we think Too Pong the Long rocks (not just because of his awesome name).

1. He speaks Hokkien

toopong lackadaisical

And now we know how to say lackadaisical in Hokkien. Any Hokkien video is instantaneously funny. Don’t believe us? Watch Pierce Brosnan doin it.

Why do we call him Too Pong the Long?: Cos he look n speak like a long. hee hee.

2. He REALLY went for it.

toopong goes for it

I dumped CILISOS packets. Our other writer UiHua dumped a combination of water he saved from brushing his teeth and taking a shower. And we feel like pusseh kangaroos.

Not only did this guy dump pee on himself, he actually PEED in an ice tray, and FROZE them AND THEN PUT THEM BACK IN HIS PEE!


Why do we call him Too Pong the Long?: Cos dude got balls man.


3. He accepted the challenge, even though he didn’t believe in it

toopong smalltesticles

Too Pong the Long realised that the challenge was from a friend and he shouldn’t back down,

Zunar sued the gomen and won RM18k! But can his win cover his losses? We asked him

but because he didn’t believe in it, he chose to draw Malaysia’s attention to other causes around.

Why do we call him Too Pong the Long?: Cos it rhymes.


4. He went against popular opinion

toopong stupid trends

In today’s environment, it’s very scary to go against popular opinion. Netizens tend to get riled up and love to villainise, and these things get amplified through social media until they can become very very scary things. Despite all the ‘love’ for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Too Pong the Great decided that Malaysians should THINK before they DO, and we can’t help but agree.

Why do we call him Too Pong the Long?: Cos that video is like 4:42 yo, and that’s the longest ALS video we’ve seen.

5. He donated anyway

toopong donates

We are sure there are many out there who don’t even bother donating, so here’s the thing. The ALS challenge actually says you’re supposed to DONATE EVEN IF YOU DO THE CHALLENGE. You just donate 30 bucks instead of 100. And y’know what… maybe you should choose something else besides ALS, which is pretty much the most well-funded disease that no one knows anyone actually suffering from.

Why do we call him Too Pong the Long?: er… ermm er cos a little donation goes a LONG way?

6. And he’s actually got some awesome ideas

too pong kill mosquitoes

We’re down with that yo. I killed 3 since starting this article.  As Too Pong the Long says, there are other diseases receiving MUCH less attention, and he used the ICE BUCKET challenge to call on Malaysians to pay attention to what matters – Dengue, for one.

Sometimes, it isn’t even about donating. It’s about drawing attention to things that improve society and that’s the same thing CILISOS is trying to do in it’s own humble way 🙂

Why do we call him Too Pong the Long?: Cos we hope he sticks around for a while.


Thanks for giving us even more hope for the future of this lovely, lovely country of weirdos 🙂

Happy Merdeka ALL!!!

PS: This is officially CILISOS’ 100th post! OMG! And this is the FIRST TIME we’re doing this….

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