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kimkara makes it’s mark at Intermark Mall’s Deepavali Carnival

Sarees have been a huge part of my life growing up. Culture aside, the versatility of a 6-yard material goes beyond bounds. There’s no limit to one’s creativity when draping a saree. Having this in mind Shika Grover brought kimkara to life. This social worker-turned-designer works with various artists to integrate their paintings into her sarees. She integrates the paintings in various ways but, we promise you that no two pieces will look the same.

Some of kimkara’s sarees on display

Weaving art and heritage together

Sarees especially silk sarees are usually handed down through generations. Grover who was in Banaras, India conceived the idea of kimkara inspired by the weave and richness of silk sarees. She wanted to create pieces that were modern yet timeless. Kimkara is more than just clothing; it signifies an everlasting union of art, confidence, and personality. We were lucky to see her stunning pieces exhibited and paraded by models at the Intermark Mall Deepavali pop-up. The pieces of sarees were paired with jewelry from TC Designs.



6 yards of elegance by kimkara accessorised by TC Designs

 The inspiration behind Grover’s apparels are heavily inspired by art drawn on canvas, regardless if a photograph sparks her interest – she’ll translate that image onto her garments. Printing on silk is no easy feat and it took Grover at least three years before she found the right silk material and printers before she could launch her brand 4 years ago.

It takes the right eyes to fall in love with the masterpieces, hence Grover firmly believes that you do not choose a kimkara, but a kimkara chooses you.

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Mark your calendar for the Intermark Mall’s Dazzling Deepavali event, which runs till November 13 and is free to the public.


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