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[GIVEAWAY ENDED] Over 100 bottles of SPICES to give away to CILISOS readers!

Guys!! We have the SIMPLEST giveaway for y’all. You know the spice brand Hexa? Well they’ve got a case of overstocking so they sent us a tonne of spices. Now we’re giving it out to CILISOS readers FOR FREE!

One of them is the Hexa ‘Volcano Chili Powder’ (70g) which we tested out with a science lab last year. It’s SUPER pedas and people have actually cried eating it. Although it claims to have a heat level of 80,000 SHU, CILISOS sent it to a science lab and found that it was actually… 116,559.52 SHU!!

(For comparison, CILI PADI has a heat level of 10,000 – 25,000 SHU. Omaigad!)

sweating guy el nino

Gif found on

They’ve also given us the Hexa ‘English Curry Powder (70g) which we’ve used for curry chicken, aglio olio, pineapple fried rice, chia seed pudding and even popcorn.

Caramel-curry popcorn, chia seed pudding, pisang goreng, aglio olio dan sebagainya...

We had so many bottles, our assistant editor even did a potluck challenge with her friends.


So just submit an article idea to CILISOS and claim your FREE bottles 😀

Yep. Just tell us what kinda articles you’d like to read in the future, and you can claim 2 x Hexa Volcano Chili Powder, and 2 x Hexa English Curry Powder! This is NOT a competition kay, we just wanna know our readers better. Other things you should note:

  • While stocks last
  • Spices must be collected from CILISOS office in Kelana Jaya. No Pos Laju-ing cos they don’t deliver fresh goods. (Yes we’ve tried)
  • Spices are best used before 20th June 2016

Screenshot 2016-02-26 12.01.28 SHARPEN

Actually, should Malaysians be feeding stray cats and dogs?

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