Oyen Elmina becomes the 11th casualty of the Elmina Crash

oyen elmina

During the Elmina incident on August 17, an orange cat was sadly caught up in the crash and suffered significant injuries.

The cat called Oyen Elmina, was rescued at the scene of a plane crash involving a Beechcraft Model 390 aircraft.

oyen Elmina

Oyen Elmina being treated at Zul Erwan Veterinary Clinic Img Source zulerwan

Oyen Elmina passes away

The cat won over thousands of netizens’ hearts all over the country. Until 27th August it was the only surviving victim from the crash, until he succumbed to its injury. Initially, Oyen Elmina was responding to the treatment.

Oyen tested positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which disrupted his immune system. The infection spread faster as a result of complications from wounds on Oyen’s spine.

On the afternoon of August 17, the plane crashed near Elmina, Shah Alam, during its final approach into Subang Airport, killing ten people, eight of whom were on board the aircraft and two of whom were a vehicle driver and a motorcycle.

Flight crash in Elmina claims 10 lives

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