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Siti Mastura’s claims of DAP family possibly from BN book

Last week, a clip of Kepala Batas MP, Siti Mastura Mohamad surfaced on various social media platforms.

The 48-second clip shows the PAS MP saying some… pretty sus stuff. She said that Lim Kit Siang and “Lim Kuan Yew” (misnamed ex-Singapore PM) are Chin Peng’s cousins, insinuating that Lim Guan Eng is Chin Peng’s nephew of some sort. There were also insinuations that certain DAP leaders – including Anthony Loke, Nga Ko Ming, Ngeh Koo Ham and Teresa Kok – are related to Guan Eng as well.

Naturally, Guan Eng isn’t too happy about that, and earlier today, he appointed a lawyer to initiate criminal proceedings and a civil lawsuit against Siti Mastura. Wild claims by the PAS MP, but how did she even come by that information, if that information is out there at all?

Well, it turns out…


Siti Mastura might have gotten the info from a BN book

A series of photos posted by Che Gubard on their Facebook page shows a book named “Bahan Kempen” supposedly written and/or published by Barisan National’s communications department. There were also photos of two pages from the book:

This page outlines instances of when DAP allegedly interfered in the affairs of Islamic religion, like when they opposed the enactment of RUU355, even though “Syariah laws only concerns Muslims”.

The second page is more relevant to the discussion at hand, as it goes into the (again, alleged) family members of Chin Peng. Roughly translated into English, the page says:

  • Ngeh Koo Ham and “Ngeh Kor Ming” are nephews of Chin Peng
  • Anthony Loke is the son of Chin Peng’s second cousin (?)
  • Teresa Kok is the cousin of Lim Kit Siang’s wife Betty Chew
  • Tony Pua is the nephew of Lee Kuan Yew
  • Nizar Jamaluddin (ex-MB of Perak) is the cousin of Ngeh and Ngor (?) because Jamaluddin’s mom is Ngeh and Ngor’s (?) sister

We’re not sure if this book ACTUALLY exists, but if it does, this might be where Siti Mastura learned of all these “DAP familial ties”. But we’re not giving the PAS MP a pass (hah) here. Mastura could’ve verified this information before going on stage and spreading it to people who would take her at face value. At worst, what she did was an attempt at political assassination that turned into her own political su1c1de.

In any case, guess we’ll have to see where the legal proceedings go, and we’ll keep y’all updated. Peace.

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