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[UPDATED] Pudu-hole memes are all over Facebook. Send us more and win RM50!

[Updated Thurs, 3 July] Hole-y crap, uols! In less than 12 hours, we’ve received a tonne of entries to our super-easy, sap-sap-sui meme contest on the Jalan Pudu sinkhole. Check out the new entries at the bottom.

We’re still looking for more winning entries, so go crazy with Photoshop (or MS Paint, if you’re a small kuchirat like us) and send them to [email protected] by the end of today (Thursday, 3rd July 2014). This has gotta be, by far, the easiest way to win RM50. OK, ready? GO! 

So the contest is like closed already cos y’know…in 24 hours everyone’s going to move on to the next hot story. In the meantime, Enjoy your Friday… and Wreck the weekend!

1. Disaster Averted

BTW we think it’s really quite cute that The Star covers this sorta thing in a TOTALLY SERIOUS tone of voice.

“One of the most-circulated memes pins the cause of the collapse on fictional Japanese monster Godzilla.

Other fictional characters depicted in the various memes are King Kong, the Transformers, Ultraman and Loki.” – The Star

2. Whack-a-Mole


Sheet! Sheet!

3. Whack-a-Moh


We don’t actually know what’s going on here, but the smoke is a nice touch.

4. Between a rock and a hard place


5. This is Times Square.



6. Told you his butt was too big.






8. You thor onot? I THOR I THOR!

10446505_10152361732514079_8219342142498472261_n - Copy

9. And of course….

Ultraman Vs Godzilla PUDU

10. And of course Pt 2.

Suarez Art Harun


UPDATED: These were submitted on thursday

11. Aww Grumpy Cat, we hate you too.

Submitted by Dominic Chin
Submitted by Dominic Chin


12. FAKE.

KL isn’t that green.

Submitted by Zoul Yazix
Submitted by Zoul Yazix


13. “Crap, this ain’t China. Turn back!”

Submitted by Ryzal Khan
Submitted by Ryzal Khan


14. Dear Syabas, your problem solved already.

Submitted by Dominic Chin
Submitted by Dominic Chin


15. Ultraeffortman strikes again

Submitted by Alex Tan
Submitted by Alex Tan


16. This picture leaves us cold…

Submitted by Dominic Chin
Submitted by Dominic Chin


17. The Sand King ‘sands’ his regards.

Geddit? He ‘sands’ his regards? U-hyuk hyuk..

Submitted by Freddy Tan
Submitted by Freddy Tan

18. Twerk in progress.

Pudu Hole Miley

Submitted by Angie Low


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  7. Marcus

    02/07/2014 at 6:41 pm

    So it seems The Incredibles sequel was playtested here? (re: the end scene. Underminer) or the new Fantastic 4 movie with moleman?

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