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Alright guys, it’s July 2020, and the month’s almost reaching its end at that. So many things have happened since then – you know, we went from being mildly wary of a virus said to have come from China, to a full-out fear of even getting the virus ourselves that government had to put us all under something that resembles a lock down.

Kinda. Image from New York Times

It’s kinda funny now to think that there was a time when we would all have been arrested for going out after 10pm. And now that the movement control order (MCO) has transitioned into Recovery MCO (RMCO), things are slowly going back to normal now. Not entirely, but almost.

However, because the MCO lasted for so long that we may have gotten a little too used to staying at home the whole time, so…


RMCO may have also gotten weird for Malaysians as well

Social distancing at its best. Image from Malaysia News

If there’s anything to be said about the MCO, it’s probably that it’s taught us to keep our purse strings tighter than usual and not take things for granted, like the simple task of going out to get groceries. We’ve also experienced somewhat of an economic crisis, where a lot of people have been getting pay cuts or laid off entirely.

And the effects of it all can still be seen even when we’re in RMCO and things are slowly going back to normal. Sure, you can now go out to malls and do some window shopping, but you’re maybe also cringing a lot more at price tags than you used to before the MCO. Sure, you can now dine out in restaurants, but you’re maybe also being forced to test your temperature and sitting one chair away from your pals.

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In light of that, we want to know what it’s like for our readers to live in an RMCO era where everything’s just kinda weird but not that weird. For example, how many of you are going out regularly? Or are you still wary of the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia? How many of you have gotten so used to MCO that you just wanna go back to being trapped at home instead of being forced to socialize?

So, you know, don’t be shy and take Cilisos’ Balik Normal Survey right now, because we’re really kepoh and we really wanna know. We’re gonna release the results in around a week, so you’ll get a picture of what it’s like for your fellow Malaysians to balik normal in this weird, weird world we live in.

CLICK HERE to take the Balik Normal Survey!

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