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What do you take with you to school? Take our MALAYSIAN SCHOOLBAG SURVEY now!

Schoolbags. We remember being back in school using ours to carry bookspet hamsters, lunch boxes, and toys. Then it would be too heavy, and our parents would have to carry our bags to class for us.

So NOW we’re teaming up with our friends at U Mobile to find out exactly what ugaiz carry with you in your backpacks. Whether you’re a student preparing to take your UPSR exams, or are big boys and girls gearing up for your SPMs, or even university students finishing up your next assignment due, answer our Malaysian Schoolbag Survey 2017 so we can go through your stuff… without actually doing it ourselves!

But why do they wanna look into our bag? U Mobile want to tell on us izzit?

No la. We’re doing this cause U Mobile has launched booKu, a book hosting service EXCLUSIVE for U Mobile subscribers, carrying a variety of books and magazines for bookwormy Malaysians who are always on-the-go.

Under booKu, there’s FullAMark which gives students full access to books, revision papers and everything else they need to prep them for UPSR, PT3, SPM… the whole exam alphabet. Then there’s also access to over 100 lifestyle magazines (e.g. Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health) through SPH Magazines, more than 24,000 magazines from Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries through Pubu eBook, and unlimited access to more than 1000 Malay novels through NovelPlus.16923405_773238846148055_188530044_n

Best part is… you can carry aaaall of these with just your handphone or device so you’re not making your backpacks heavier than they need to be. All YOU have to do is:

  • Download the app for the books you want for either SPH Magazines, Pubu eBook, FullAMark, or NovelPlus
  • Use your U Mobile network to sign up for the service
  • Get your sign-up code over email or SMS aaaaand…
  • Now you can start browsing!
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The books you pick will be purchased using your U Mobile prepaid credit or will be charged to your monthly bill… it’s that easy.


So… what do you carry in your bag? Tell us now!

If you are already a U Mobile subscriber, or if you subscribe NOW to their UNLIMITED POWER prepaid pack, you could be one of our 40 winners to snag a year’s subscription worth RM140 to five SPH Magazine titles by taking our Malaysian Schoolbag Survey! But eh, if you end up being the winner ah, don’t read your magazines while you’re in front of your teacher la. If they kena rampas, not our fault weih…

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Take the survey now!

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