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11 bizarre ways to identify a pure woman from Islamic Consumer NGO

Warning: This article might come across as NSFW, sexist, and/or offensive depending on what your views are on women’s sexual abstinence. We’ll be doing our best to tread lightly. 

The question of a woman’s virginity and purity has been a topic of focus across different cultures and times. In recent times it’s become an ethical concern as well, so really guys, this isn’t really a topic that’s specific to Malaysia or (as the title might suggest) to Muslims at all.

Traditionally, a husband is able to confirm the status of his wife’s virginity by checking the sheets after their first night together. However, the intactness of her maidenhood might not necessarily be indicative of her purity since a woman might have been involved in other activities that might compromise her purity but not her maidenhood.

In addition, modern science has also provided methods to recreate one’s maidenhood either via surgery or an artificial DIY kit. You’ll probably have to google those yourself though.

So yes, there is a difference between purity and virginity, and purity is going to be much harder to assess.

hijab_girl_by_solitarium-d3kqsq9 (1)

We’re just putting this here to credit the awesome artwork by Solitarium on


PPIM comes to the rescue!

If you haven’t heard of them by now, Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia or PPIM is a Muslim consumer rights group who raised the complaint against Cactus mineral water for placing an image of Batu Caves next to the halal logo earlier this year, and most recently, called for the sedition act to be enforced on BFM for discussing Islamic issues.

As how we usually come across interesting stuff by chance, we were going through their website in order to get to know them better when we came across a section called “Petua and Tips” and found this article called Tanda-tanda Gadis:


Screencapped from the PPIM webpage. Click to link

Do note that this was taken from another blog and WAS NOT written by PPIM, but was published by the site’s admin. It’s from a blog called Kemah Kemim, but our searches indicate that it’s gone.

Screenshot 2014-12-19 16.20.58

Okay, disclaimer done. Back to our scheduled programming.

Our first question when reading this was

Abohao! These tips can pakai wan or not??

So, in the interest of science, this writer spent the past weekend trying out some of the methods suggested in Tanda-Tanda Gadis. In the interest of privacy and outstanding lawsuits though, there aren’t any videos or photos so you’ll have to trust the CILISOS Seal of Truth.

57376281 (1)

Seal of truth

In order to not misrepresent or sensationalize anything, we are also providing the original text which you can click on to read if you want to. There’s also an English translation which is going to sound a little funny because we have followed the structure of the text as closely as possible. Alternate words, notes, and citations are in [block brackets], and no, we didn’t just run this through Google Translate. The accuracy of our translation has been checked by CILISOS writer Ariff.

Right, let’s get scientifical!


1. “Buah dada yang selalu kena ramas akan menjadi lebih besar”



Peranan buah dada memang banyak, bukan sekadar menggoda nafsu lelaki saja, tapi buah dada sebagai bukti bahawa gadis itu pernah disentuh atau tidak. Buah dada gadis yang belum pernah disentuh, sentiasa tegang. Tetapi kalau sudah kena sentuhan, buah dada itu tegangnya berkurang dan membesar sedikit daripada ukuran asalnya, lebih kerap disentuh, lebih kendur. Perhatikan gadis ketika berjalan atau berlari, bergerak-gerak dan melambung jatuh (ke bawah) dan berbuai sekali bererti ketegangan sudah hilang. Kalau belum pernah kena sentuhan, walaupun buah dada berbuai disaat berlari tetapi buaiannya tidak terlalu melambung-lambung bererti ketegangan masih ada.

Puting buah dada yang pernah kena sentuhan menjadi panjang dan terjojol (keluar) sedikit dari tempat persembunyiannya. Buah dada yang selalu kena ramas akan menjadi lebih besar, dan jangan menuduh gadis yang berbuah dada besar itu kena ramas. Sebab, buah dada yang besar kena ramas dan yang besar kerana faktor semulajadi (alami) memang berbeza.

The roles of breasts are numerous, not just to entice the lust of men, but breasts are evidence of whether or not a girl has been touched. The breasts of a girl that has not been touched, are always firm. But if there has been touch, the firmness of the breasts are reduced and grow a bit from its original measurements, the more often it’s touched, the more slack [sag]. Observe girls walking and running, movement and rebound [bounce] (downwards) and sway [all] at the same time means that the firmness is gone. If there has never been touch, even if the breasts sway at the time of running but the sway doesn’t [bounce] too much indicates that the firmness is still there.

Nipples that have been touched become elongated and protude (out) a little from its hiding place. Breasts that are squeezed often will become bigger, and don’t accuse a large-breasted girls of [having their beasts] squeezed. Because, [there’s a difference between] breasts that are big due to squeezing and are big due to natural factors (nature).

Summary: In a nutshell, having sexual relations causes breasts to sag. You can observe this by watching the sway as they run or walk.

Test Methodology: Stood outside a local gym watching women running on the threadmill. Followed the bounce with head in order to objectively measure it (the more the head moved up and down, the more bounce).


Got chased off by security before this writer could observe a large enough sample size. “Large” as in “number of people.”


2. “Gadis yang masih suci, kedua tapak tangannya halus dan licin.”


Image from

Gadis yang berkulit tebal dan kasar, cuba perhatikan kedua tapak tangannya, jikalau retak (pecah urat, urat-urat yang menyerupai retak), bukan kerana disebabkan tidak tahan bahan pencuci yang mengandung kimia (alergiC), bererti gadis itu sudah hilang kesuciannya. Gadis yang masih suci, kedua tapak tangannya halus dan licin. Jika kesuciannya telah hilang, kedua tapak tangannya ketika di tekan warnanya pucat tidak merah, jika dipicit terus ia menganjal balik. Satu cara lagi, cuba perhatikan tapak tangan kanan, jika ada garis putus-putus dibahagian tengah bererti kesuciannya telah hilang, bila tidak terputus-putus bererti ada harapan kesuciannya belum hilang. setelah melihat tapak tangan yang kanan, cuba genggam ibu jari tangannya sekejap kira-kira satu minit. bila disaat mengenggam terasa panas (hangat) dan ibu jarinya merah ketika dilepaskan, bererti ada harapan masih suci. Perhatikan pula ibu jarinya, bila nampak pucat sangat walaupun ada rasa panas (hangat) bererti kemungkinan besar kesuciannya sudah diserahkan pada lelaki lain.

Cuba pegang erat jari kelingkingnya kira-kira satu minit, kemudian lepaskan. tanyalah bagaimana rasanya ketika dipegang erat dan dilepaskan? Kalau ia menjawab tak ada rasa, mintalah maaf sajalah, kemungkinan ia sudah tidak suci lagi. Tetapi kalau ia menjawab ada rasa rangsangan, jantungnya berdebar-debar atau ada rasa sakit seperti berdenyut-denyut. nampaknya masih suci. (Yang menguji adalah orang laki-laki) ..(Pakai Sarung tangan.. aurat nak kena jaga ( ^_^ )

[For] girls with thick and rough skin, try observing their palms, if cracked (broken veins, veins that resemble cracks), not due to being unable to handle washing detergents that contain chemicals (allergic), means that the girl has lost her purity. Girls who are still pure, both their palms are fine and smooth. If her purity has been lost, her palms when pressed are pale and not red, if pressed it bounces right back. One more way, try observing the right palm, if there are broken lines in the middle it means her purity is lost, if it’s not broken there is hope her purity is not lost. After looking at the right palm, try grasping her thumb for about a minute. If [the thumb] feels hot (warm) at the point of grasping and is red when released, it means there’s hope she’s still pure. Observe the thumb, if it looks overly pale even though theres [heat] (warmth) means chances are high that her purity has been given to another man.

Try holding her pinky finger for about a minute, then release. Ask how it felt when firmly held and released? If she answers that there’s not feeling, sorrylah, there’s a chance she’s no longer pure. But if she answers that there’s stimulus, her heart races or if there’s a throbbing pain, looks like she’s still pure. (The one testing is male) ..(Wear gloves.. have to take care of the aurat [intimate parts] (^_^)

Summary: Unless she works as a dishwasher, a girl with cracked palms is no longer pure, particularly if there are broken lines along the middle of her right palm. You can also try grasping her right thumb or her pinky finger and looking out for physical changes. Wear gloves though!

Test Methodology: Approach girl, ask if she trusts me, proceed to hold pinkie for one minute while saying “shhh… it’s okay. Relax….”


Test was conducted on two people – CILISOS assistant editor Lydia Kwan and another friend this writer was having a drink with. With Lydia, it was almost as if she didn’t have receptors in her pinkie, but then again she’s married and had already read the article. With the friend, she started looking very nervous (gelisah) and kept wanting to pull her hand away. She left not long after and has yet to reply to this writer’s messages. Nampaknya masih suci lah.


3. “Apabila tangan dan jari-jari gadis boleh di ramas-ramas bererti peluang untuk memegang tempat-tempat lain sudah terbuka luas”

Image from Wikipedia commons

Dengan jari-jari lah lelaki suka memegang dan menggoda perempuan. perempuan juga begitu. jari-jari adalah kawasan yang paling mudah untuk mengetahui gadis yang suci atau tidak. Caranya cukup mudah. terlebih dahulu berjabat tangan, ketika berjabat tangan ramas-ramaslah tangannya, kalau lelaki bukan mahramnya boleh memegang tangan seorang gadis, itu menunjukkan dara kecil dibahagian tangannya sudah ternodai. Apabila tangan dan jari-jari gadis itu boleh di ramas-ramas bererti peluang untuk memegang tempat-tempat yang lain sudah terbuka luas. Cuba jari-jari gadis itu di belai-belai dan di ramas-ramas dengan lembut, bagaimana perasaan gadis itu?

Sentuhan lelaki dijarinya memang memberi satu rasa yang nikmat dan berahi yang tersendiri. Sentuhan tangan sentuhan ajaib, dari tanganlah akan menjalar ke daerah-daerah yang lain. Sentuhan tangan memang syahdu, kalau tak percaya cubalah betapa bahagianya berjalan sambil berpegangan tangan. Bila anda ingin mengetahui gadis itu sudah terbiasa disentuh atau tidak, Cuba hulurkan tangan dan bersalaman dengannya, ketika bersalaman genggamlah tangannya dengan lembut dan cuba sentuh jari kelingking gadis itu. Ketika menyentuh jari kelingkingnya tengoklah wajah gadis itu, apakah dia nampak gelisah dan resah?, kalau dia terkejut dan berubah wajahnya, berkemungkinan besar dia masih suci. walaupun mungkin dia pernah berasmara (ringan-ringan), tapi mungkin belum sampai tertebuk daranya. Jika ketika jari kelingkingnya disentuh kemudian dia nampak macam biasa saja dan tak mahu bersuara, kemungkinan besar kesuciannya sudah tiada. Wallahualam…

It is with fingers that men like to hold and seduce women. The same with women. The fingers are the easiest area to know if a girl is pure or not. The method is simple enough. First shake hands, when shaking hands try squeezing [or groping] her hand, if [the man shaking hands] isn’t a relative and can keep hold of that girl’s hand, it shows the [lesser] virginity of her hand has been blotched [compromised]. When the hand and fingers of that girl can be squeezed it means the opportunity to hold other places is wide open. Try stroking and squeezing her fingers softly, how does she feel?

A man’s touch on her fingers gives it’s own feeling of pleasure and lust. Touch on the hands is a magic touch, and will creep from the hands to other areas. Touch on the hands is beautiful [or “pleasurable”], if unbelieving try [imagining] the joy of walking while holding hands. When you want to know if a girl is used to being touched or not, try reaching your hand out and greeting her, when greeting grasp her hand softly and try touching her pinkie. When touching her pinkie look at her face, does she look nervous and restless?, if she’s shocked and her look changes, chances are high she’s pure. Although possible she has been intimate (lightly), but maybe has yet to lose her virginity. If when her pinkie is touched and she looks nonchalant and doesn’t want to speak, there’s a high chance her purity is gone. Wallahualam [God knows best]

Summary: The fingers are easiest way to gauge a girl’s purity but not virginity. The best way to tell is when shaking her hands (see the Methodology below). The more comfortable she is having her hand and fingers caressed  by you, the lower the chances of her being pure.

Test Methodology: By sheer coincidence, writer attended a wedding over the weekend so that was an excuse to shake many hands. When shaking hands, the sequence was to squeeze her hand firmly for about 5-7 seconds, loosen the grip, and gently caress her pinkie with own pinkie. This is all done while maintaining total unblinking eye contact so as to not miss any of her facial reactions.


Guests at wedding were like olive oil – 100% virgin! While some immediately pulled away within the first five seconds of the initial handshake, all who didn’t showed very obvious signs of distress and/or called out for their husbands. The only downside was that some of the test subjects turned out to be cousins.

Someone measured which fans were loudest for the AFF Suzuki cup. Guess who won?


4. Dahi, Hidung, Mata, Leher, Bibir 

(These all have the same conclusion, outlined at the end)

4a. “Gadis yang masih suci, dahinya licin”


Image from metamatic

Gadis yang masih suci, dahinya licin. Bila selalu melakukan hubungan seksual, licinnya hilang, malah yang timbul kedutan (garis2) yang kadangkala nampak kadangkala tidak ketika sedang bercakap. Kedutan kerana sudah tidak suci, tidak sama dengan kedutan wajah yang disebabkan faktor usia. Kedutan suci yang telah hilang, tidak begitu ketara dan tidak begitu nampak, kecuali ketika muka menunjukkan reaksi tertentu seperti sedang ketawa dan bercakap, manakala kedutan disebabkan faktor usia sentiasa nampak jelas dan kekal.

A girl who’s still pure, her forehead is smooth. If she often has sexual relations, the smoothness fades, and what surfaces instead are wrinkles (lines) that are sometimes seen, sometimes not, when she’s talking. The wrinkles that result from not being pure is different from facial wrinkles that are caused by aging. Wrinkles from the loss of purity aren’t as significant or obvious unless the face is showing certain reactions such as smiling and talking, while wrinkles due to age are always clear and permanent.

Summary: The more a girl has been around, the more wrinkles her she’ll have on her forehead. However, these wrinkles are finer than those caused by aging, which are more prominent.

4b. “Gadis yang masih suci… jika disentuh hujung hidungnya nampak merah”


Gadis yang masih suci atau tubuhnya belum disentuh oleh lelaki, hujung hidungnya berwarna kemerah-merahan, jika disentuh hujung hidungnya nampak merah. Gadis yang tidak suci hujung hidungnya merah tetapi merah pucat, terkadang warna merah tidak nampak, yang nampak hanyalah pucat. kalau tak percaya, cuba lihat hujung hidung anak gadis, merahkan.? Bagi lelaki yang suka merosakkan kesucian wanita, hidungnya berbelang, oleh karena itu disebut lelaki hidung belang. Wallahualam..

A girl who’s still pure or has her body untouched by a man, has a reddish color on the tip of her nose, if touched the tip of her nose looks red. A girl who’s impure has a red nose tip but a pale red, sometimes the red can’t be seen, and what can only be seen is the paleness, if disbelieving, try having a look at a [young/virgin] girl’s nose tip, red right? To men who like to defile women’s purity, his nose is striped, hence the saying “stripe-nosed man” [Note: a Malay saying for “player” or “womanizer”]. Wallahualam [God knows best]

Summary: Like a purity meter, the tip of a pure girl’s nose is reddish and, if you need to confirm this, will turn red when touched. Men who sleep around have striped noses.


4c. “Untuk mengetahui wanita itu masih suci atau tidak, cubalah tengok matanya”


Image from

Dari mana datangnya cinta? Dari mata turun ke hati….. Kita menggunakan mata untuk memandang dan melihat seseorang, cantik ke, seksi ke, menghairahkan ke, dan lain-lain. Selalunya kita memandang wanita cantik hanya dibahagian luar saja, tapi bahagian dalamnya sudah rosak, untuk mengetahui wanita itu masih suci atau tidak, cubalah tengok matanya. Bila bahagian bawah kelopak terlipat sedikit dan terdapat tanda lebam bererti gadis itu sudah tidak suci lagi, mungkin sudah bersuami. lebam yang menunjukkan tidak suci nampak seperti garis-garis hitam di bawah kelopak mata di samping warna hitam di bawah kelopak mata sedikit kelihatan berkedut (berkeriput).

Where does love come from? From the eyes down to the heart….. We use the eyes to look and see if a person is pretty, sexy, arousing, and so on. Usually we look at a pretty woman only from the outside, but the insides are spoilt, to know if the woman is still pure or not, try looking at her eyes. When the bottom of the eyelids are slightly folded and there’s a slight swelling means the girl is not longer pure, maybe has a husband. Swelling that shows impurity appear as dark lines under the eyelids aside from the [dark coloring] under the eyelids looking a bit wrinkled [Note: “Berkeriput” is an Indonesian term for wrinkles caused by age]

Summary: The eyes are a reflection of the purity of a woman’s soul, and you can tell if she’s pure or not by looking out for a darker swelling on her lower eyelids. If it’s there, she’s not pure.


4d. “Bila leher perempuan itu nampak berkedut-kedut, ertinya perempuan itu pernah disentuh lelaki”


Image from

Leher juga menjadi salah satu tempat yang dapat menunjukkan gadis itu masih suci atau tidak. Bila leher perempuan itu nampak berkedut-kedut, ertinya perempuan itu pernah disentuh lelaki. Garis kedutnya bukan seperti garis kedutan akibat dah tua, garisnya kecil-kecil, pendek-pendek dan putus-putus, bukan garis yang panjang. Kalau ingin melihat dengan jelas tunggulah gadis itu menundukkan kepalanya. Lihatlah dengan cepat dan cermat.!. apabila gadis itu kerap keluar dengan lelaki, maka lehernya terdapat tanda-tanda hitam kecil diliang romanya dan warna pucat kecil seperti bintik-bintik. Adakalanya lubang dibulu roma nampak jelas di leher, ini juga bererti gadis itu selalu disentuh. Kalau gadis itu berleher panjang, cuba perhatikan dibahagian lehernya, jika terdapat garis-garis urat yang bersilang ertinya gadis itu masih suci. Jika terdapat garis-garis yang melintang, bukannya urat yang melintang, ini bererti perempuan itu sudah pernah beranak….


The neck also becomes another place that can show if a girl is still pure or not. When the girl’s neck looks wrinkly, it means she has been previously touched by a man. The wrinkles are not like the wrinkles from aging, the lines are small, short, and broken, not long lines. If intending to get a clearer look wait for her to nod her head. Look quickly and carefully.!. when the girl constantly goes out with men, therefore her neck will have small black marks in the pores and small pale coloration like spots. Sometimes the pores are obvious on the neck, this also means the girl is always touched. If the girl has a long neck, try observing the neck, if there are vein lines that intersect it means the girl is still pure. If there are lines that intersect, not veins that intersect, this means that the girl has previously given birth….

Summary: A neck can show two types of wrinkles- one from natural aging, and another from a man’s touch. Try looking out for dark and/or pale spots in the pores of the neck. The easier you can spot it, the more she’s been going around. However, if you can see intersecting veins, she’s been a good girl.


4e. “Percaya atau tidak bahawa bibir gadis yang pernah dicium lebih menarik dan cantik”


Percaya atau tidak bahawa bibir gadis yang pernah dicium lebih menarik dan cantik. Apabila bibir bertemu bibir, maka akan membuat pergerakan darah akan mengalir ke bibir dan membentuk bibir yang baru. Lebih kerap dicium, lebih cantik pula bibirnya. Tapi ada juga gadis yang mempunyai bibir mulut yang cantik walaupun tidak pernah dicium. Gadis yang belum pernah dicium bibirnya kelihatan berwarna merah jambu dan tidak ada garis pucat atau hitam di sekitar bibirnya. Bibir gadis yang tidak pernah dicium tidak nampak lebam dan bibirnya licin dan basah. Bibir yang pernah dicium akan nampak lebam-lebam sedikit walaupun hanya sekali saja, dan juga dapat mengubah bibirnya dimana terdapat garis-garis kasar yang memperindah bentuk bibir. Bila gadis itu tidak suci lagi, bahagian tengah bibirnya nampak retak, seakan-akan terbahagi dua, retaknya tidak begitu jelas, akan tetapi boleh dilihat jika diperhatikan betul-betul.

Believe it or not that the lips of a girl who has been kissed is more attractive and beautiful. When lips meet lips, therefore creates a flow of blood to the lips and shape new lips. The more often kissed, the prettier her lips. But there are also girls that have pretty lips despite never being kissed. Lips of girls who have never been kissed look pink and don’t have pale or black [dark] lines around them. Lips of girls who have never been kissed don’t look swollen and are smooth and wet [moist]. Lips that have been kissed will look slightly swollen although just once, and can change the lips where there will be rough lines that beautify the shape of the lips. When the girl is no longer pure. the middle part of her lips look cracked, as if split in two, the crack isn’t clear, but it can be seen if carefully observed.

Summary: Kissing changes the shape and color of a girl’s lips. The lips of a girl who’s been kissed become fuller, prettier, darker, and more defined.

Methodology & Results:

Test Methodology (for all): Observation in daily routine and interaction.

Result (for all): INCONCLUSIVE

With advancements in concealer and makeup technology, every girl is pure until she comes in contact with makeup remover.

5. “Kalau pecah daranya, pasti pecah perut.”


Image from

Peribahasa menyebut, biar pecah di perut jangan pecah di mulut. begitulah kata peribahasa, tapi tubuh wanita bukanlah peribahasa. Kalau pecah daranya, pasti pecah perut. Bila seseorang gadis pernah melakukan hubungan badan, maka perutnya akan menjadi mengembang dan menjadi buncit sedikit.

A saying goes, even when broken at the stomach don’t break at the mouth [A Malay saying meaning “to keep a secret”]. So goes the proverb, but a woman’s body is not a proverb. If her virginity is broken, so must the stomach. If a girl has had bodily relations, then her stomach will be bloated and be slightly distended [protruding].

Summary: If a girl has done the naughty, she’ll start developing a slight tummy.

Test Methodology: Sat at a coffeehouse in a popular shopping centre and observed people walking by, taking note of their tummy area. Particular attention is paid to girls with male partners.


Almost impossible to tell without being able to observe the before and after effects of bodily relations. Also, a lot of pre-judgement is made based on how said couples interact with one another. Girls nowadays are also very adept at wearing clothes that help cover these areas. There was one girl who seemed to prove this theory, but it turned out that she was pregnant.


6. “Gadis yang masih suci, rambutnya kelihatan rapi, segar dan tidak kasar”


Image from

Rambut merupakan mahkota wanita tetapi juga berperanan dalam menentukan gadis itu masih suci atau tidak. Gadis yang masih suci, rambutnya kelihatan rapi, segar dan tidak kasar. manakala gadis yang sudah hilang kesuciannya, rambutnya kelihatan tidak bersemangat (kuyu).

Hair is a woman’s crown but also has a role in determining if a girl is pure or not. A girl who is still pure, her hair looks neat, fresh, and not rough. While a girl who’s lost her purity, her hair looks lackluster (dull).

Summary: If a woman’s hair looks lifeless, dull, and boring, she doesn’t need a trip to the hair salon – She needs a trip in morality.

Test Methodology: Observed girls’ hair in local shopping centre using a shampoo ad poster above for comparison. Girls in headscarves (tudung) are obviously excluded.


Despite a large sample size at the local shopping centre, most girls were either wearing annoying hipster hats or had their hair colored and treated. It’s impossible to tell what it looks like in its natural state. DARN YOU WESTERN IMPERIALIST INFLUENCE!


7. “Permukaan gadis yang pernah melakukan hubungan badan, pintu kemaluannya tidak tertutup rapat”


Ini sudah tentu hanya akan diketahui setelah bernikah. Permukaan gadis yang pernah melakukan hubungan badan, pintu kemaluannya tidak tertutup rapat, agak renggang sedikit dan lebih kembang. Kalau gadis yang masih perawan, kemaluannya sentiasa tertutup rapat. Sebenarnya selaput dara boleh dilihat terus kedalam kemaluan gadis. Bila kemaluan masih tertutup bererti gadis itu masih suci. Kalau lubang itu terbuka sedikit bererti gadis itu sudah tidak perawan lagi.

This of course can only be known once married. The surface of a girl who’s had bodily relations, the door to her privates aren’t tightly closed, slightly distanced and more inflated. If a girl is still a virgin, her privates are always tightly closed. Actually the hymen can be [clearly] seen right into her private part. When the private part is still closed it means the girl is still pure. If the hole is slightly open it means the girl is no longer a virgin.


Summary: Ummm… If the house door is slightly open then got intruder lor.

Results: DUNNO



Your whole weekend was an experiment in fail! #failisos

Ehhhh… depends on how one decides to look at it really. While we can’t really verify how applicable these tips are, what we were successful in was in judging other people. Back when couples were just “couples,” now it’s “couples that might be doing naughty stuff in private.” But really, it’s not our place to judge either way, is it? Both for the couples and the dude trying to figure out if a girl has been compromising her purity or not. However, because these tips are so subjective to the person doing the “testing,” maybe purity is ultimately in the eye of the beholder.


On another note, we wonder why all the focus is on women?

If you do a search on facebook, some common groups you’ll come across are Kempen Tutup Aurat for women. A lot of them.

Screenshot 2014-12-22 12.23.20

This is obviously unfair and sexist towards men. We deserve tests for our purity too!




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