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OMG! What’s KPOP doing to our tudung girls!?

Last Sunday, a video emerged of a K-pop (Korean Pop (yes some people might think it stands for Kristian)) band hugging and kissing a bunch of Malaysian hijab girls. The video has since done the usual rounds of making a bunch of people angry. Before we get into that, AND a CILISOS reader’s account of what REALLY happened, let’s have a look at the video first.

The event happened itself on Sunday Jan 10th, and two days later is already a viral sensation. As you might expect, local news reporters went berserk, some even using the word MOLEST (which in our sensationalist opinion, is a bit sensationalist la).

ISMA is pissed, and our good friends over at JAWI are investigating the matter. Also as you might expect, KJ tweeted about it in his usual winky wonky style.

OK, now that you’ve read the totally expected storyline, let’s look at what really happened.

One of our readers tells us what actually happened

From the Malaysia KPOP FANS FB Page

From the Malaysia KPOP FANS FB Page

So today, one of our readers (who for obvious reasons is choosing to remain anonymous) got in touch to tell us what exactly happened at the B1A4 (sounds like someone lying badly about their UPSR results) Meet&Greet 2015.

“First off, it’s different from a normal concert, cos they have a session where a few lucky fans get to play games with them. In previous fan meets, most of the games were like acting out a few scenes e.g. “You’re proposing to the girl” and the furthest they would go is hugging.

Before the show, they actually put a board outside where you leave a POST-IT with your fan request, name and phone number, listing out what they wanted the  band to do. The requests were quite innocent, like… “say I love you”, or “wish me happy birthday”. – An anonymous CILISOS reader who went for the concert

So after the performance, a few girls were called up on stage to have their requests fulfilled. However, after their initial request was fulfilled, they were also asked to pick a number, and a scenario would be played. Here are some of the scenarios from the emcee.

“Fangirl gets a forehead kiss”

“Fangirl vacuums and then gets hugged from behind”

Yep. You can see where this is going.

All this is part of something called Fan Service.

Fan service? Apatu?

no this is not J-POP

no this is not J-POP

The concept of fan service is familiar to anyone who knows J-POP (no, not JEWISH-POP, but Japanese POP) or K-POP cultures. According to an online definition, here’s what it means.

“Fan Service is a term originating from anime and manga fandom for material in a series which is intentionally added to please the audience” – Wikipedia

Yep, so basically… it’s pop-culture kinda giving the fans what they want. It exists in any culture, and is kinda similar to say Justin Bieber posing without his shirt on, or the infamous anime panty-shots. No, we’re not going to provide links for either – you SICKO.

By comparison, what actually happened to these girls wasn’t really that bad.

“We were actually quite surprised. I mean, if it was a non-Muslim, it would be fine. From my own perspective – if I know the girl is Muslim, and she does that – religious perspective it’s still wrong. But the media wouldn’t be as drastic about la.” – Anonymous CILISOS reader

From our previous coverage of what is considered a PURE Muslim woman, we already know that there are some unrealistic expectations of Muslim women. So to illustrate this point, let’s use some of our trademark bad Photoshopping, and something even the most conservative of us do occasionally – Air Kissing.

We got some images of air-kissing, and fotoshopped (YES THAT MEANS THESE IMAGES ARE FAKE!) girls in hijabs onto them.

generic girl air-kissing from


Aaaaand… what about now?


Ok, so maybe not so impactful cos you can’t tell the guys face. Here’s another one from of this A-POP guy who once came to Malaysia.

obama airkiss


And how about…. this?


First off, apologies to the models from Alibaba and We wanted real women to highlight the effects. Once again, these images are FAKE FAKE FAKE! That’s why we used the image with a mannequin (shown below) instead for our featured image. Cos we’ve learnt from our unfortunate Pornhub article incident (Sorry Wallase AGAIN!).


So let’s take a poll then.

WAIT… then who do we blame?

But of course, we do need someone to blame! So let’s look at the various parties involved here.


Image from dkpopnews

Image from dkpopnews

Yes, as pointed out by the organisers, and backed up by our reader’s account of actual events, the girls consented to acting out those games. In fact, you can tell by the video that they were almost in danger of wanting more than what happened on stage. Then again, who doesn’t go GAGA over their pop idols? Especially when the crowd is egging both the B1A4 boys, and the lucky fan girl.



b1A4 meet fans

Admittedly, the boys should’ve done their research on our rather sensitive religious climate. But then again, there could’ve been a miscommunication with management. Also, apparently there’s one account of the boys even apologising to one of the fangirl’s parents after the show, but we couldn’t find it 🙁

If you have proof of this, please send it to us! In the meantime, you’ll have to make do with one of B4A1’s hit singles entitled… Yep you guessed it.

Baby I'm Sorry B4A1

(which incidentally has more than 8 million views yo).



B4A1 ticket prices

Actually, TGM is a bunch of women, apparently. However, in this case, we actually believe the majority of the responsibility lies with the organisers, for not being in touch (pun most definitely not intended) with what is already a VERY VERY sensitive religious scene in Malaysia. While we’re sure they didn’t have any ill intentions, we also believe that they knew that fan service was an important part of what their audience actually wanted to see. And tickets for these shows aren’t cheap. They run from RM199 all the way up to RM799! Although the RM799 one gets you a free phone too!

Most fans at the event have also left kind words on the TGM Facebook page.



True, in the age of social media, and chasing pageviews, this is definitely the kind of thing that will get shared. Even we are guilty to a certain extent (although we try to hide it under the guise of bringing ‘insight’ to the article). Of course, we can be more responsible, but in the end… is THIS really that different from the headlines we see in Malay papers every single day?

harian metro3


harian metro seks

Yup. Everyone uses fan service. Oldest trick in the book laaaa.

Nothing to see here.


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