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7 unbelievable talents shown by truly Malaysia-Boleh drivers

And suddenly, it’s HARI RAYA! Woohoo! Time to look forward to ketupat, visiting friends and family, and the most Malaysian of all…

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Of course, with everyone heading back to their hometowns, that means there gonna be ALOT of cars on the road at the same time, which will inevitably lead to alot of tensions on the road. So we thought we’d help to diffuse your frustrated energies with some rather amusing examples of Malaysian drivers who show that there’s no doubt of why our beloved country is also known as Bolehland.

1. The two bros that harvest banana

redbull RamadhanHahahah sorry ugaiz. We blaff you 🙂

(You must’ve missed the bit about this being Sponsored Content)

This one is a new, (and pretty darn timely) ad for Red Bull Malaysia, which highlights their new tag-line “Use Energy Wisely, Arrive in Better Shape“.

So remember k? If you’re stuck in a frustrating traffic jam over the Ramadhan weekend….Chillax bro… drink some Red Bull then go harvest some banana k? Then can eat along the way and cure your depression (really one).

Aaaaaanyways, ok ok really one this time. REALLLY! Where were we? Oh yea… number 1.


1. The guy that reversed his Wira all the way down from Genting (!)

reverse rock meme somefun10 years ago, Marcus was just given an old Proton Wira by his rather fierce dad. One day, his forward gear spoilt.

It could only go reverse, and cannot go forward. I was scared kena scold by my dad so I also scared to ask him to fix.” – Marcus, Malaysia’s Reverse-driving god.

So he just went about his life, driving the Proton Wira in reverse – to Mid Valley, to work, to yumchar… for TWO WEEKS.

“I didn’t use the mirror. I turned around, and after a while I got used to it. In traffic jam, quite embarassing. But one day, I was stuck between two cars in front of my house, and I had to push the car out. Finally my dad saw. So kena scold big time lor. But at least car got fixed.” – Marcus, true owner of Malaysia’s first Wira Type-R (heehee)

One of his friends didn’t believe he drove in reverse for two weeks. So Marcus BET with his non-believer friend that he was so used to driving that way that he could drive all the way from Genting top to the police station in REVERSE. And here’s the video proof (complete with Jay Chou).

“I won RM300, a full tank of petrol and toll. I only found out about the YouTube video later. My stupid friend upload also never tell me – my brother told me about it. First thing i asked was – what is Youtube?”

Kids. Don’t try this at home. Just let papa scold k?


2. The unbelievably low-rider peroduas in Malaysia vs Speedbumps

Everyone here has THAT friend/colleague that likes to lower their car (in our office, it’s Andrew, Head of Sales). Of course, this will inevitably lead to that horrible “KUNCSHK!” sound when the undercarriage hits the bump. And we question whyyyy whyyy they lower their cars to these unrealistic heights.

Whatever your answer is, trust us… No matter how lowered your friend’s car is, it’s a frickin’ SUV compared to these two champions la.

Original CILISOS team leaving, handing reins to new young millenial team

3. The tudung lady that knows how to handle herself

This video was making its rounds on social media, and with good reason. Unless you’ve watched it before… the ending will SHOCK YOU!

Nice to see a happy ending to these things for once. Here are some of the comments on this video online.

‘Knowing that Malaysians don’t usually carry a lot of cash, she wins!’ – Azlin Azhar

‘It motivates me to learn how to ride a motorcycle’ – Sylvia Sew

Luckily kakak learnt how to ride a motorcycle! But most snatch thefts don’t end like this so do stay careful k ugaiz? Snatch theft is apparently the most frequently reported crime in Malaysia, although police are being stationed in hotspots to keep you safe.


4. The most epicly bad MyVI uncle parking EVER

When you watch this video, you will -_- (although the music damn happening). We have no idea what’s going through this uncle’s head but we seriously pity (and respect!) the helpful machas.

PS: Keep watching till 2:05 to see how he gets out of his unorthodox parking.

5. The auntie that take so long to park until tahi wanna come out adi

austin powers parking

Ahh this one common. The aunty that does that Austin Powers thing. The only saving grace? Some HILARIOUS and truly Malaysian commentary.

Fler never even horn once. #Respect


6. The bus driver that got out of the seat while bus was still moving

Moving on, we get into the TRULY CRAZY, one driver has a very disturbing solution to being sleepy on the long drive.

Hahahahaha yea we kena troll also. Baskit. Mengantuk – drink Red Bull bro! Having said that, he’s still in the spirit of our sponsors message. Bus broke down? Let’s make the best out of the situation by trolling your fellow Malaysians. Heehee.

Which brings us to…


7.  Melaka car kena Superman

You know what they mean by Superman on Malaysian roads right?

No you don’t. Uh also, as good a way this is of channeling your road energies… Please don’t try this at home (town). Even if it is safer than the usual Malaysia road supermen.

Notice something about these Malaysia Boleh drivers?

redbull manfaatkan tenaga hari raya

redbull sidebar ramadhanFor the most part, we stayed away from the more negative, or mean ones – and went for the ones that were the most amusing (of which there are PLENTY on YouTube). It’s a choice we made to remind Malaysians that even in our sometimes atrocious driving etiquette, there’s always a way to look on the brighter side of things.

Driving can be dangerous, k peeps? And even more so if you’re feeling the negative vibes (which unfortunately, we’ve been getting alot of lately). So it’s nice of Red Bull Malaysia to sponsor this article, and redirect your frustrations to the fun aspects of Malaysian driving. As their message says – Use energy wisely, and arrive in better shape.

So this festive season, or anytime you’re a little frustrated on the road… Remember to travel safe, be patient, and always remember that taking a bad situation and making the best of it… is quite possibly, our favourite interpretation of Malaysia Boleh 🙂


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