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If you had RM100,000… what kinda car would you buy? Take our Malaysian car survey :)

As you might know… cars in Malaysia aren’t cheap. The same Camry in the US costs almost double that same amount in Malaysia. Because of that, about 40% of Malaysian cars sold (including our Editor’s) are second-hand cars. But wait… that also means that a substantial number of Malaysians sell their cars.

And it’s a daunting place for someone who’s never done it before. How much should you expect to get? How long will it take? What should I do if I actually find a buyer or seller? What kinda colours sell best to Malaysian audiences?

So that’s why CILISOS worked with, to take a closer look at this market, and find out what makes it tick. is Malaysia’s fastest way to sell a car. Simply bring your car to one of their inspection centres, and it’ll put your car up for bid on the second-hand car market, within hours. Heck, you could even do it right now!

IF you’re looking to sell your car now, then you can even take advantage of their Car-Awww-Some contest. Once you’ve sold your car to them, just post a review on their Facebook page here. In your review, just tell them about your most touching/epic/fun/awesome/plot-twisting car-selling story.

The BEST story will be picked every month, and if yours gets picked, you’ll get RM100 off your phone bill. But that’s not all… it’ll allow you to contest against the other 11 winners of the year… and if yours is the best review of the YEAR, you’ll win ‘something’ worth up to RM1,000! Anyway, don’t worry la. Even if your review doesn’t get picked, you’ll still get RM20 off your phone bill. (Carsome people nice leh?) Click here for more info.

Who could have predicted Covid-19? The deities of this Malaccan festival did... in 2017.

But if you’re not looking to sell right now, don’t worry cos there’s still something for you to do – which is to help us out, by taking our survey. You don’t even need to have bought or sold a car before, but probably more relevant if you’ve owned one at some point.

Click here to take the Malaysian ByeByeKereta Survey 2018!

P/S: Survey closes 18th March 2018 🙂

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