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Oh, Coronavirus. To date, more than 850,000 people worldwide have tested positive so far, and that number is rising everyday. The situation in Malaysia is no different either, and to add to that, the World Health Organization has just said that they expect our cases to peak in mid-April.

To manage this, countries all around the world has been on a Movement Control Order, and likewise in Malaysia! If you’ve been living under a rock (which is probably the safest place now tbh), we’ve been under a Moverment Control Order since 18th March 2020. April 1st marked the beginning of our second MCO phase, and stricter rules like a 10km travel radius and a 12-hour business and food delivery curfew have been put in place to flatten the curve and hopefully see the number of cases dwindle down. 

That April Fools joke about the extension might actually come true leh! Meme generated at


Actually, the MCO has taken a pretty serious toll on Malaysians…

Most of us are pretty fortunate to have roofs over our heads, the luxury of whipping fancy coffee, getting our groceries online, or baking bread at home. While it might seem that the MCO isn’t too bad, there are also those facing mental health issues from the isolation, employees looking at job or pay cuts, or even the chicken rice uncle who’s likely to lose his literal rice bowl.

If you became a ghost, would you peek at people tukar baju? Tell us in our Scary Survey!

So, at this point, WE wanna know just how our readers are coping with the MCO.

How many of you have more than enough food to eat? (Or worse, NOT enough?)

How many of you have your jobs at stake?

How many of you secretly break the MCO rules just to get a moment of sanity?

How many of you have turned into Doraemon?

Take Cilisos’ Covid-19 Duduk Rumah Survey now! Results will be out in about a week, so you’ll get to see just how different – or same-same – you are vs everyone else.

Plus, it’s not like you have anything else to do anyway… layan us la…

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