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Do you sapu MORE hotel toiletries than most Malaysians? Take our travel survey & find out! :)

If you’ve been reading Cilisos long enough, you know that we’re super kepoh about the things that set Malaysians apart from everyone else. In the past, we’ve asked you guys about your phone usage, dining habits, and even toilet behaviour. Now, we wanna kepoh about something we all love to do: holidaying! Yeeeahhhhh!

This time, we’re partnering with our cool new friends at Klook to run our first travel behaviour survey. (Yay Cilisos gets to eat something other than potatoes this month!) 

You can legit rent kimonos and find great ice cream with Klook.

Magad. There are deals to rent kimonos and samurai armour! Some deals also include professional photography and makeup.

Now you may have seen some ads about Klook. But if you blinked, you’d think that it’s another travel site bringing you cheap flights and hotels. It’s actually an online booking platform for errthang else other than that. 

See, if you’re one to plan trips yourself, you’d be familiar with the frustration with planning your ITINERARY. Maybe you’ve squeezed through travel fair crowds or have lost some hair trying to converse with non-English speaking operators at your holiday destination itself.

Klook wants to change all that.

They’ve got over 30,000 bookable unique activities, attractions, passes and even utility items in 150 major travel destinations across the world. This means that even before you leave Malaysia for your holiday, you would’ve already secured your SIM card/train passes/Disneyworld tickets/food tour/diving trips/day tours/private drivers… honestly the list just goes on and on and on. Serious wan.

Coincidentally they've got a Cherry Blossom promo for Japan/Korea/Taiwan/China activities

4G WiFi, kimono rental, train ride, cooking classes etc. Coincidentally they’ve got a Cherry Blossom promo for Japan/Korea/Taiwan/China activities now.

But what if you’re a bit indecisive and don’t wanna commit to an itinerary before you leave? Well Klook has something called instant confirmation, so you could literally stand in front of Disneyland, buy a ticket on Klook on your phone, and enter the theme park the next minute. No need to go back-and-forth to see if a date is available for you or not. Cooo, huh?! That’s how travel should be – all play and no work.

8 surprisingly simple things that can make Malaysians instantly happy!

They also have over 2 million honest user reviews, so you’ll also get legit travelling tips to help you plan your holiday. Speaking of money, they also guarantee the best prices so you’ll never get ripped off by some jerk ready to bite your poor tourist butt. If you find something that Klook offers at a better price, they’ll even double the difference. (More info here.)

Anyway, since they’re partnering with Cilisos this time, they’re also giving out cash vouchers to everyone who takes our survey. 

Do most Malaysians bring back hotel toiletries?

How many of us actually pack Maggi in our suitcases?

And how many of us actually use our phones on the plane?!

We’ve got more questions, so tell us and we’ll show you where you stand against the average Malaysian. Survey ends 11th April 2018 so faster la k?

Click here to take the Malaysian SukaCuti Survey 2018! 

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