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Do you use as much electricity as the average Msian? Take our survey & we’ll find out for you!

We’re living in a time where life without electricity can only mean two things: pure bliss (in a jungle), and mother of all nightmares (in a concrete jungle). And since we live in the latter, we can’t deny that we are incredibly dependent on electricity, so much so Maslow’s hierarchy of needs may actually need revision.

Nah kasi you Mazlan's version instead.

Nah kasi you Mazlan’s version instead.

So can you guess how much energy we use? In 2014, the World Bank recorded that Malaysians use 2,967kg energy of oil equivalent per capita. That’s a LOT of energy, considering that before in the 1980s, we were using less than a quarter of that amount of energy.


Take our ‘Power Gila’ survey now!

Together with our friends at GE, we wanna find out just how Malaysians use electricity on a daily basis. Do we all sleep with the air-cond turned on? How long do we charge our phones? Are we wasting more energy than the average Malaysian??

Take The Malaysian ‘Power Gila’ Survey 2017 so we can feed our data-hungry writers! 10 lucky respondents will be rewarded with a set of our very own CILISOS-SOS bottles 😀 Hurry, survey closes 29th August 2017!

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Click here to take the survey!


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