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How do you Raya while social distancing? Give us your most creative suggestions and win!

Hari Raya is coming soon, and as we all know, this Raya is gonna be different. No bazaar Ramadhan, no balik kampung, no open houses; just Dendang Perantau being blasted over and over again until the replay button stops working… 😢

But hey, Raya is something pretty much everyone looks forward to every year, so the celebration must still go on! Sure, Raya 2020 isn’t gonna be the same as before, but we’re still making plans to celebrate. Even here at Cilisos, we’re thinking of all kinds of ways to make this year’s Raya happening despite the limitation.

“On the bright side, no need to wear pants when seeing my friends this year because doing it on Zoom.” – Ariff, AskLegal writer


“Since we can’t cross state borders, maybe instead of doing Raya visiting, we can meet friends and go hiking. Wait is that even allowed?” – Adi, Soscili writer (and sorry, the answer is no)

“It’s okay, (you) can still bank in to me duit Raya.” – This writer’s savage mom

We all know Raya 2020 is gonna go down in history as a very unique occasion, something we might even tell our grandchildren about someday. So, we wanna know how are you guys celebrating this Raya while social distancing! BTW, we have some Cilisos sauces to give away, so the best entries are gonna get 2 bottles of sauces from us so you can dip your keropok lekor or make air asam for your daging bakar😘.

And even if you can’t travel this Raya, your duit Raya can…

To echo this writer’s mom’s words, even if you can’t cross the police roadblocks to balik kampung, that’s not an excuse to forgo the duit Raya tradition.

You can’t cross state lines? Online banking kan ada… Ori img from Projek MM

Even if it’s a small amount, it’s still a sweet gesture to show our parents and loved ones that they’re appreciated. And let’s face it, with the current economic conditions, most of us can only afford to give seikhlas hati…

Online banking has made it so easy to send money to someone far away, and now it gets even easier with DuitNow. In case you’re not too sure what DuitNow is, it’s basically a simpler and more convenient way to transfer money.

Don’t know your nenek’s bank account number? No problem…

If before this, you have to ask people to share their bank account number and details to transfer money, now you don’t need to anymore. All you need is their mobile number or IC number, and DuitNow sends the money to them faster than how fast you can see your bank account balance depleting!

And nope, it is not an app that you need to download from Google Play or Apple Store. You can find DuitNow under fund transfer or look out for DuitNow logo on your Internet and Mobile Banking. It’s simple, secure and convenient.

But in the meantime, do share with us how you’re celebrating this Raya. Who knows, your entry might get selected so it’s easier to show your grandchildren how life was back in your days… Contest closes 26 May so you better do it now DuitNow!

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    How are you celebrating this Hari Raya while social distancing? Be creative!

    Lastly, what is one thing you’re really looking forward to this Raya?

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