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How much has your Kemahiran Hidup skills improved during the MCO? Take our quiz to find out!

As we all know, the Movement Control Order (MCO) that we’ve been under for almost three months already had recently been updated to the Recovery MCO, which saw most things returning to normal. Whew, can’t believe we survived that long!

For a lot of people, the loosening of the MCO had been a sigh of relief, especially if you’re like us and depend a lot on plumbers and electricians and food delivery people to stay alive. The MCO (especially the earlier days) basically left us to fend for our own, so if a sink got backed up or if your bathroom light suddenly decided you pooping is worthy of a rave party, we have to either Google how to fix it ourselves, call our dads to ask, or just curl up and wait until it’s ok to call people to fix those things.

Uhn tss uhn tss uhn tss. Gif from Gfycat.

If you chose not to curl up, then you’ve probably picked up some valuable living skills during the MCO, but how much of it had stuck with you? To answer that question, we’ve prepared a short fun quiz to test that. Since a part of survival nowadays is Googling, it’s ok if you want to Google the answers. No one will know… but you will.

Well, how did you do? If you did well, then congratulations! But if you didn’t do well… well, you should probably learn these things anyway, since it’s always helpful to know how to do basic things yourselves.

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