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[QUIZ] Can you get more than 70% right in our fun Merdeka trivia? ;-)

Happy Merdeka Day from all of us at Cilisos!

While there had been debates on whether it should be celebrated on which date and whether it should be called Hari Kebangsaan instead, the 31st of August brings forth images of the Jalur Gemilang waving everywhere and patriotic songs being blasted on the airwaves, and it had done so for about half a century. But, going beyond the flag-coloring contests and Merdeka Declaration enactments in schools, how much do Malaysians really know about the history behind Hari Merdeka/Kebangsaan?

Shrugging can really build your traps. Source

Shrugging can really build your traps. Source

Take our quiz and see how well you score! Oh btw some of the questions are a bit historical, so…

Try not to Google the answers 😉


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