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No need to change phones if rosak… this crazy plan lets you get a new one for FREE

Some people have all the luck in the world. Never have issues with their phone, drop phone also screen never crack, kena water also speakers still got sound.

But for the rest of us, having phones can be a bit of a heart attack. See, a whopping 72% of Malaysians were found to be using damaged smartphones, and almost a third of them damaged them within three months of owning them. And in a 2017 Cilisos survey, we found that 50% of our 5,665 respondents said that they use their phones in the TOILET. Pretty sure some of these damages had to do with crappy accidents.


Thing is, malang tak berbau… so why not protect your phone all the way?

Accidents suck, because they’re… well… avoidable. And when it comes to phone repairs, let’s just say it can REALLY burn a hole in your wallet. But here’s how you can save yourself the frustration of wishing you hadn’t done <stupid act> to cause <stupid avoidable accident>.

If you had only grabbed your phone a little tighter... Gif from Portlandia

If you had only held your phone a little tighter… Gif from Portlandia

Digi‘s phone ownership plan, PhoneFreedom 365, has a number of interesting features… but we wanna first highlight a particular one that will be perfect for all you malang flers out there. (Including Cilisos boss, who for the longest time walked around with a phone screen more damaged than his soul.)

Called Digi Shield, it offers a phone protection plan where you can get phone protection coverage and free repairs. It’s FREE for any accidental and liquid damage that happened to your phone, including if you dropped your phone into the toilet. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Full coverage from accidental & liquid damage, where they’ll replace or fix your phone
  • No contract necessary, and no need for credit cards either
  • International protection, where you’ll be covered up to 60 days out of Malaysia
  • Easy claims, where you can use their 24/7 online claim portal and enjoy free delivery of your phone
Would I pay to take back all my mistakes? Why, yes please. Image from Digi Shield.

Would I pay to take back all my mistakes? Why, yes please. Image from Digi Shield.


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That’s not all… you can even upgrade your phone for FREE

The PhoneFreedom 365 plan isn’t just for slick butterfingers. It’s also for those who want to OWN the latest smartphones, but are smart enough not to pay the full retail price. 😀 

Unedited image from Instagrammer @trevorwallace

Unedited image from Instagrammer @trevorwallace

With RM0 upfront payment and 0% interest all year long, you’ll get to upgrade phones for FREE while owning them at a lower retail price. Currently, they have the widest variety of phones which you’ll have the freedom to choose from. This includes iPhone (yes, even the super mahal iPhone Xs variants), Samsung (yes, even the new Galaxy S10), Huawei, Asus, Oppo and Vivo.

If you’re interested, here’s how it works. Just pick the phone you want, then pick a Digi Postpaid plan of your choice. From there, you’ll be entitled to a free phone upgrade every 18 months.

Here are the plans you can choose from:

plan comparisons 2

(P/S: We reckon DiGi Postpaid 190 is the best one la, cos it offers the best value. Plus free Digi Shield wei! For more info on plan pricing, click here.)

But of course, you gotta make sure your phone is in good condition to get an upgrade la… So either take good care of your phone, or use Digi Shield to repair/replace your phone if something bad happens to it. Don’t need to kancheong if anything super malang happens to your phone – just carry on with your life completely worry free. 

For more info, head to your nearest Digi store or simply click here

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