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New JinnyBoy video shows why you should NEVER beat around the bush

Ok ugaiz. Ever heard of the term ‘coverline‘? It’s actually a very Malaysian way of covering up something, making up excuses and beating around the bush to avoid uncomfortable situations…. which usually ends up in a much worser situation.

While this happens all the time, Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and we foresee a looooot over coverlining by shy couples who have one thing on their minds: making love.

Kinda like in this new, super fras JinnyBoyTV video with our sponsor, Durex:

WAHLAU. So hard to be honest meh?

If we had it our way, Ernest (the guy with the condom) should’ve just given his sister the money himself cos, hello, condom in wallet bro why so blur?!! Or at least just be honest to Kylie (his GF) after giving his sister the money… then there won’t be any awkward home-wrecking drama lor.

Dr Jason and JinnyBoy aced this scene. #howcansheslap

BTW, Reuben, you make an incredible TVB aunty. +100 pts!

But in all honesty, if we actually put ourselves in his shoes, there’s a high chance we’d also be coverlining la heh. Talking about sex and managing expectations about ‘where this date is going’ isn’t a very Malaysian thing to do. We may have adopted a lot of urban, hipster trends from mat sallehs but we’re generally still a bit reserved when talking about sex… especially with someone we’re newly dating.

So getting straight to the point is a good way to celebrate Valentine’s 🙂

durex banner

And we at CILISOS are here to help our sponsor, Durex, spread the word. Even the world’s #1 condom brand has had it with people beating around the bush! (No pun intended ehehehe)

A town in Sarawak has yearly festivals where they catch and cook this poisonous fish

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day for couples to spend celebrate love and share quality, intimate time together… not to pusing-pusing until someone ends up with a slap to the face yo. So this time round, get straight to the point and have a great Valentine’s… and don’t forget to stay safe while at it 🙂

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