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8 super-LUCKY car plate numbers by creative Malaysians

*Disclaimer: If you buy this and don’t Huat, it must be because  your car seat not facing West.

WOOHOOO CNY HUAT HUAT much lucks! We know it’s been a tough year for Malaysians, so we decided to team up with our homeys at  Volkswagen Malaysia to cheer up the loudest public holiday in Malaysia!  With many Malaysians down on their luck, , we decided to talk about the one last bastion of Malaysian luck: lucky car number plates.

As ugaiz already know, Malaysians have a serious thing about lucky car plate numbers with all the feng shui calculations thingamajig. In fact, you wouldn’t believe the most expensive number plate CILISOS found online:

MY Plate Malaysia Number Plate D7


Omaikat. D7 costs RM775,000?! That’s even more than Sultan of Johor’s RM520,000.00 car plate number (WWW1 on a Satria Neo)! What so special about D7?!!

Haiyooo number only wat. So big deal meh?!

Well, we may be living in modern times but superstition still plays a big part in our culture. 🙂 Feng shui is still a massive part of the Chinese lifestyle, and it has even spilled over to other races. Even angmohs like Bill Gates and Oprah practice it, okayyy.

Which is why, in this year of the monkey, Volkswagen is hosting a playful little thing called the CAR-O-SCOPE. Everyday, there’s a new ONG opportunity to help align the luck of your car for this year.

VW Caroscope Day 8

To help this along (and for the non-believers), Volkswagen is also offering awesome rebates for trade-ins on their Passat, Jetta, Polo and Beetle ranges. Check em out HERE!

Ok, let’s get down to the fun part! 2 weeks ago, we asked ugaiz to come up with the most creative, most ‘ong’ number plate for Chinese New Year (cos we all can do better than ‘D7’ la let’s be honest). Here are our 10 best entries:

PS: All these photos are not real ya? #fotoshopgilerbest


1.  The most logically-ong number plate

deb 70

“DEB7 0 = Debt 0.” – Mohamed Hanif 

We friggin love this entry, man! If we ever struck a lottery, we’d clear off all our debt and live a life with no strings attached. No credit card debt, no mortgage, no PTPTN loan… In fact, Malaysia has a rising household debt of 88.1% (as of last August), and our national debt is RM600,037,676,854 and counting! Seramnya.

If ‘feeling lucky’ could be put in words, it would probably be how it feels to have our paychecks all to ourselves. #wishfulthinking


2. The Very, Very, Very, Very Good Luck

wv 480 ng

“In Malaysia, we are not satisfied having just one V in ‘VIP’, we add an extra V in front to make it ‘VVIP’. So, WV may also look like it has a triple V, lagi power, which is short for Very Very Very.

As for the 480 NG behind, the number 48 represents the phrase ‘sibeh’ which in Hokkien also means ‘Very’. The 0 NG behind when combined, reads as ONG.

Final result when combined by a number plate specialist will be ‘WV 48 0NG’: Very, very, very, very good luck.– Lenard Lee Zhong Wei 

If you don’t speak Chinese, you’re probably thinking that ONG is someone’s surname. But actually, in Hokkien, ONG means luck, which is why you’ll hear this word being repeated during this season. In fact, even pineapple tarts are considered lucky since they’re translated as ‘ONG LAI’ (Hokkien for ‘luck come’).

See, lucky pineapples. Photo from

See, lucky pineapples. Photo from

3. The Fibbonaci Fibonachi Fibonacci

s 7899 s psd new

“7899 means, 7=grow, 8=prosperous and 99= forever and ever. S means success and it comes before and after growing prosperous forever and ever. Total the alphabetical numbers together and we get 33, and it’s the most ONG number of any double repetitive numbers.

To add to that, 7899 is a growing number as it grows from 7 to 8 to 9 and stays grown at 9.

At the same time the letter S is the 19th in the alphabetical order. 1 to 9 summarises what I’m talking about. You start at 1 and finish at 9, that’s a complete life.” – Surentran Somasundram

Surentran even has a justification for it: if you add the two S’s together, you’ll get 38. Adding 3 + 8 will give you 11, which can be superimposed onto the two S’s to get a dollar sign: $. #MINDBLOWN


OMG. Are you a mathematician like Fibonacci? Surenacci?!

That’s by far the most in-depth, analytical entry we’ve received, proving that the concept of numbers in feng shui is a highly charged one. And er…. if anyone wants to buy any of these numbers, we reckon you go with this one la. 

8 super-90's design elements found on our gomen websites


4. The genius BM one no chinese fler woulda thought of


Image from

“The letter ‘JGN’ is a short form of a malay word ‘JANGAN’, which means ‘DON’T’. The number ‘7676’ in Malay is pronounced ‘tujuh-enam-tujuh-enam’.

Thus, ‘JGN 7676’ is literally pronounced as “JANGAN TERJUNAM-TERJUNAM”, or “don’t plunge!”. This is my Ong plate number since I’m literally praying (for my fortunes) not to plunge. *coughs* ” – Mohd Azlan bin Abdul Manan  

Ok ok we know Chinese people reverse this then will giggle, but we actually quite like this entry yo. With Ringgit terjunam more every day, we would totally use our banana money to buy this number plate!


5. The Hokkien phoenix-rising wealth-chaser

CAI 4893

“CAI as in the ‘Cai’ in Gong Xi Fa Cai which means wealth. 4893 signifies ‘Sibeh Gao Shang’ which means ‘super high rise’. So the whole car plate literally means ‘Extreme high rising of wealth’.” – Chang Loong Huat

Also another thing to note about the Chinese culture: when translated, certain phrases can be SUUUPER cheesy:

Unedited image from J&Y Productions

Well…. at least we keep it to less than 10 words. Unedited image from J&Y Productions

Well Chang, congrats – you won this not because you have ‘Huat’ in your name, but because your mind is 4896 (sibeh kao lat, or super powerful). Wishing you extreme sky cloud soaring of health! 


6. The Idealist

wa 1574d jpg new

“This reads as Wa! 1st 4D. You may bet a few Ringgit on this number to get yourself a fatty CNY. You are welcome.” – Frederic Chiew

We all know that it’s a Malaysian habit to buy 4D (lottery) whenever they see an accident/a bird poops on their head/something extraordinary happens in their day. But the question is… does it actually work?!


7. The hungry coconut


“ONG128U means luck wants to ate (eat) you. I am not banana, I am coconut btw.” – Yudisthra M. Ganeshadeva

Guys, if you didn’t know (our Editor didn’t), a ‘banana’ refers to a Chinese who can’t speak any of the Chinese dialects, and a ‘coconut‘ refers to an Indian who can’t speak Tamil/Hindi etc.

Almost all of CILISOS’ Chinese staff are bananas and it gets pretty problematic sometimes, but we’ve made it a point to try harder this year… especially now that it’s CNY.

cannot call names 2

Lest we will face the wraths of our khau-fu/ku-jie/sai-yee/tai-sok dan lain-lain. O___O

8. The gold-digger

adw 8887 jpg

“This is my actual car number plate yo! ADW = ADa Wang (Got Money). 8887 = 888 symbolises wealth, and 7 symbolises a hoe digging up all the wealth in front of it.

Basically the whole number plate means, “You are wealthy because you’ve earned it”. ADa Wang 8887.. Geddit? Geddit? Someday that number plate might be on a Ferrari, but now it is for my loyal old car. ;)” – Jorji

We thought this entry was so cute that we didn’t need to add anything to it. Oh except this…


Artist’s illustration of Jorji’s future.



9. The CILISOS brown noserrrrr <3

new vw cil 1505 jpg

“CIL 1505 means Cilisos lah wey! What else, of course our favorite website! (Bodek is a must)

P/S: but seriously, cilisos is my favorite website” – Ahmad Firdaus bin Mohd

ARGH. Conflict of interest! Number not very ‘ONG’ la so we can’t give you an official prize, BUT the CILISOS team was so touched that you submitted this that we made it into our featured image! So we’ve decided to give you something from our own pockets: a CILISOS t-shirt! 


Congrats to all our vvinnners!

We had over 100 entries (new CILISOS record!) so it really wasn’t easy finalising the winners. #humblebrag #itsbigforasmallcompany We’ll be reaching out to you via email very soon, so don’t forget to check your inboxes k. Sponsored content aside, if you’re travelling, whether near or far, please don’t test your luck la k? Please have a safe, enjoyable drive this season 🙂 

Oh but if you wanna test your luck in other ways, don’t forget the standard rules: wear red underwear, look for the numbers 8 and only 8, and eat as many mandarin oranges as you can. From all of us here at CILISOS, Happy Chinese New Year! Huat ah! 

And make it raaain! GIF from

And make it raaain! GIF from


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