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OMG 4 arguments used by Najib’s supporters on social media! [Update]

[Update] Today is our Prime Minister’s birthday, ugaizzzz! Send him a birthday wish on his Twitter or Facebook!!!

It was a heavy week last week, with 1MDB being the only thing that everyone is talking about. (Well, ok there’s the LowYat drama but we’ll talk about it in another article.) It’s like makan 1MDB, tidur 1MDB, keluar main bola pun 1MDB. So much until we think some of you like jelak of 1MDB di. 

And we apologise that this too is another article about 1MDB…..BUT WAIT.



We don’t normally talk about politicians and their birthdays (like Tun Mahathir turned 90 a couple of weeks back and we didn’t say anything :P) but this is our Prime Minister yo!

najib razak birthday

Google and Wikipedia says so. Confirm correct! Click to go to his Wikipedia page.


But even if his birthday does not interest you…..

twitter baby meme

So yea tweets. The Malay Mail Online reported that a Twitter survey showed that among Twitter users, 8 in 10 users discussing the recent WSJ allegations were very critical of him. Meaning 8 out of 10 of them tak puas hati with Najib. 

BUT WAIT Pt2. What about the other 2 out of 10?

And that made us wonder, what exactly were the people who supported him saying? Like how do you defend and support our PM when everything seems to work against him?

So we did this. We took to Twitter and started combing through tweet after tweet. And we did in fact find tweets that showed their support for Najib, with their reasons for doing so. So we’re taking these reasons and putting them here, while we also put down our rebuttal to their reasons.

Disclaimer: We do not intend to put down the writers of these tweets. In fact, we reckon it’s important to see points of view beyond our own, and understand how people think. Also, since it’s Najib’s birthday today, he could use a little pick-me-up article.  😉

So without further ado, here are some of the tweets supporting NAJIB in his time of need.


1. “This is all anasir luar punya hal la”

Anasir 2

Translation: These foreign bodies have no right whatsoever…we should defend, not so easily believe those who want to destroy our peace.

Anasir 4

Translation: When groups are too passionate about bringing Najib down, now we can see just how desperate these groups are to be willing to work with foreign bodies.

This was definitely one of the main arguments. So the argument is that these allegations about Najib and 1MDB are not true because they are from anasir luar or foreign bodies.

Which anasir luar? Well, check out these next set of tweets.

Anasir 3


Translation: Fact. The clans of Mahathir are now allies with American Jews. They are willing to collaborate with the Jews of WSJ to bring down Najib. 

Anasir 5

Translation: WSJ being investigated is not for nothing, we cannot fully believe Jewish sources. WSJ’s reports about our country are just like their reports about Iraq back then. Probably wrong. 

Najib Razak2

We understand that many Malaysians do not have a very good perception of Yahudi,probably cos of this guy


image of George Soros and Mahathir from

After all, Tun M once said that international fund managers, like Mr Soros, engaged in currency speculation were “unscrupulous profiteers” involved in an “unnecessary, unproductive and immoral” trade…. and was one of the main reasons he pegged our RM back in 1997.


But er… their editor, Paul Gigot is as far as we can tell… not. We even googled his Family Name to check.

Beyond that ugaiz, we also have to consider that while Sarawak Report may not be a very established news source, the WSJ is. in fact, they’ve even published arguable ANTI-JEW columns before. We recently wrote an article about the WSJ to examine their credibility. In it, we found it very difficult to see how a 126-year old publication would put their reputation on the line for the sake of bringing down our country. Especially when we don’t see how they can gain from it either. Except of course to wipe evil Malaysians off the face of the planet.

Is ISIS a Threat to Malaysia? [UPDATED!]


2. “He is innocent until proven guilty!”

Innocent 3

Najib Razak3

Innocent 2

Innocent 1

Translation of conversation

Guy in green: I’ve heard stories that RM7000 has been transferred into your account. Could you show your account statements to prove that these stories aren’t true?

Guy in pink: The person telling these stories should be the ones showing proof la. Why must I be the one to show proof?

Guy in green: Err, can flowcharts like these be used as proof?

So the next argument is that Najib is innocent until proven guilty, which is technically true. The Malaysian Bar states that one of the rights of an accused person is the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. 

Yes, this would apply to a normal person charged and to be punished for a CRIME. The thing about Najib is, he’s no ordinary person. Aside from being our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak is also the Malaysian Minister of Finance. And most people aren’t asking for him to be arrested, but merely to step down from his role.

Even from a job-standpoint, taking the whole WSJ and 1MDB scandal out, the ringgit dropping like it’s hot, maybe he should should step down purely from doing an obviously crappy job? 

From a did-something-wrong standpoint, an example that we can draw from is the Nixon Watergate scandal that took place in America during the 1970’s. In the events, leading up to his resignation as US President, he claimed to be innocent but eventually caved to political pressure and resigned two years into his 4 year-term.


3. “C’mon la, why would he transfer stolen money into his own account?”

logic 1

logic 2

Translation: Please use logic. The PM wouldn’t swindle money using his personal account.

Najib did in fact say this. But the thing is… that’s not really what the WSJ alleged. They said money had been transferred into his account, and insinuated that it might have helped them in GE13Neither of which can be said as a ‘personal reason’ e.g. like buying a jet (something he can do legitly using gomen money anyway).

But logically, can it even be used as a defence? As always, when CILISOS got law question, we go ask lawyer. According to Eric Paulsen (from Lawyers for Liberty) , logic cannot be used where evidence seems to point otherwise. He said that even if it was illogical for someone to commit a certain crime, it means nothing if evidence shows that the crime did happen.

“You cannot claim to be not that dumb to commit a crime.” – Eric Paulsen

And thus, it is very difficult to use logic to defend Najib and 1MDB, especially when both Sarawak Report and WSJ are releasing documents to back up their claims. (Sarawak Report’s documents here, WSJ’s documents here.)


4. “Our PM dares to sue them so berani kerana benar”

benar 1

benar 2.0

Translation: Najib sues allegations from Wall Street Journal. Brave because true.

Well, on this point, both sides are kinda in agreement. Most people want him to sue. Check out this poll we did in our previous WSJ article.

UNFORTUNATELY, because his lawyers’ letter to the WSJ recently wasn’t to sue, but to clarify if WSJ was confident of their claims (click to read our version of Najib’s letter). There are some who even say that he sent this letter to create another beacon of hope for his supporters.

Oh, and after the letter, the publisher of WSJ was quick to reply that they are standing by their claims about 1MDB. Berani balik kerana benar?


Will this article convert them?

Najib Razak4

Probably not. BUT eventhough we may disagree with their point of view, but that just means that we should discuss them even more. Connect with them instead of alienating them.So if you meet one of em in a mamak or in a Facebook comment thread, at least now you understand them more, and might even have a chance of explaining things!

Oh P.S: And this is one of the reasons we’re looking for a BM editor for CILISOS too so please send your resumes in here.

If you didn’t agree tho, we’re sorry. Do let us know your counter-arguments in the comments below. To get things started, how about a sweeter comment about Najib instead?

Najib Razak

pineapple tarts meme

Co-written by Hans n Chak


  1. [email protected]

    26/07/2015 at 12:24 am

    Malaysia is and will always be a country that has embraced three very different races to become a voice in the international demography. However, as a Malaysian citizen who lives abroad, I can only be alarmed at the level of incompetency in the government. Corruption which happens in most of developed and developing countries are ongoing but subtle and discreet or maybe not. If you want to use that torch, you can probably find it anywhere in the world…US, UK, Europe, Africa, South America, FiFa, Malaysia…etc. All you need is one or many greedy person/s who thinks he/she cannot live without the neccesary private jet, Louis Vitton, Prada, private tuscanny villa, and what ever else that the elite thinks they must have. But when media is closed down because of the facts (or their opinions of the facts they received), then its a sacrilege. In these days where information is readily available to everyone about what is happening 7000 , 9000, 10,000 km across the earth and when we can mourn and sympathise with trajedies across the globe and when natural disasters can garner support from every corner of the globe because of the media that has assisted in getting the information across, why is it that governments are not savvy enough to think that shutting the media up is detrimental to their health is beyond me! Yes I do care that a media company that has expose fraudulent procedures is shut down because of their reporting, But I do care more that a government thinks that shutting down media agencies because of their reporting is the only way to govern a country. What a misconception!

  2. W S M

    14/07/2015 at 12:13 pm

    The Jewish Conspiracy theory is so old and tired. I cringe every time I see comments claiming “foreign interference or conspiracy”. Bog standard and reliable response. Reminds me of people who live near windfarms claiming to suffer from “Wind Turbine Syndrome”. Colbert did a hilarious skit on it in 2012 that left me in tears. Watch here:

    Meanwhile, I’ve been left banging my head against the wall at the sorry reality we live in. I might concur with everything else given there’s a certain logic to their arguments. You can’t deny him “Innocent until proven guilty”. He is a citizen after all. But it’s strike after strike after strike and yet the players are never sidelined.

    Apart from anything else, Dear PM and his court are a walking, radioactive PR disaster. I’ve never seen any leader who’s survived this long through so many scandals in a democratically elected position (unless you count “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”. Guess who wins all the votes for his seat in parliament?).

    I mean, other than the threat of a lawsuit, and an investigation that’s been considered a sham by a considerable number of people, he’s really got nothing going for him. We’ll be milking Nothing to Hide for a millenia before we colonize Mars.

    Nixon was nearly impeached for Watergate but wisely resigned before the vote could take place. Clinton was impeached for even less (embarrassing as heck, but not entirely as serious or damaging with far reaching consequences as accusations of graft).

    What could he possibly lose by sitting it out?

    • Chak Onn Lau

      15/07/2015 at 7:18 pm

      We can only think of one thing – the power to control the situation behind the scenes

    • W S M

      16/07/2015 at 11:58 pm

      You guys should watch Veep. Seriously.

      My favourite quote: “The incompetence in this office is staggering.”

      And a whole host of other quotes that aren’t easy or polite to say in public domain.

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