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Prudential just launched one of Malaysia’s longest marathons – 200km!! But there’s a TWIST.

While us chubby chonks at Cilisos can barely run 5km without crying, running is actually a pretty big deal to a lot of Malaysians. There are actual PEOPLE who would willingly sign up to RUN… and for hours somore! Crazy!

Not-so-terror ones (like us) would typically go for something called ‘fun runs’, usually about 5km or so.

More terror ones would go for half marathons, which is 21km.

SUPER terror ones go for FULL marathons, which is 42km.

MEGASUPERPOWERKAWKAW TERROR ones leh?? Well they go for something called ‘ultramarathons‘, aka ‘ultra distance’ or ‘ultra running’, which is basically any foot-race longer than 42km. Imagine how we felt when we found out that people can actually run ultramarathons as long as 100km in less than 18 hours??

Ultraman can compete la.

Omg our head is spinning like this kaiju.


But now got an even more terror run… and it’s 200km long!

Yes. Seriously. Crazy right?! It’s called the Prudential Just Run, and while it may not be the longest marathon in Malaysia (we saw another one 444km omg), it darn well is long enough to make us pengsan. It’s like, what, 4.76 marathons?! (200km ÷ 42km = 4.76 marathons)

BUT there’s a twist – it’s actually a three-month virtual run challenge which you can accomplish in your own time, wherever you are. It could be in the stadium, it could be the park in your taman. In fact, it doesn’t only have to be runs – you can even walk or hike.

Go exercise before work, after work, Saturday morning, whenever la basically

Go exercise before work, after work, Saturday morning, whenever la basically

If you’re a bit kiasu, you can always track your running results against other runners with the Strava app (available on App Store and Google Play). There’s also a race jersey, e-achievement badges, finisher e-certs and a limited-edition finisher jersey. The run actually started 1st August 2018, but you can still catch up as it officially ends on 31st October 2018.

The fee is originally RM80, but Cilisos readers can use this code ‘PJRCS2018‘ and get a discounted rate of RM70. Registration closes 30th September 2018. For more info, rules and to sign up, click here.

Photos from (left) and (right)

Wah. Good job, Alex Ooi! Photos from (left) and (right)


This could actually be your ticket to ‘ubah gaya hidup’

Now we know what you’re thinking. Just hop on a bike and cheat my way to 200km la, why so mafan! Heh, not so fast. The event is based on an honour system, and the organisers will do periodic checks on submissions. They’ll know la if you’re faking it, so just be true to yourself k?

See, the whole idea behind Prudential Just Run is to encourage Malaysians to get off their sedentary bums and form the habit of exercising. We’re only 3 months to the end of the year, so if one of your resolutions for 2018 was to be fitter, this wouldn’t actually be a bad idea.

Research has shown that it takes the human body 21 days to form a new habit… so if you divide 200km to 30 days, you’ll only need to run a bit every few days. By the end of the time period, who knows? You may find yourself going from a couch potato to a voluntary health junkie. 🙂

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