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[QUIZ] Can you drive PROPERLY in Msia? Take our JPJ-style test ;)

Everyone has their own way of driving and navigating around roads, and as Malaysians, you know lah we got our own perangai too. There are all sorts of drivers on the road! You’ve got the impatient tail-gaters, the ones who like blasting fengtao music (unch unch unch unch), the super-careful-super-slow ones, and most frustrating of all, drivers that are FOREVER SESAT. 

Most times, these drivers are either too smart for their own good, or too kedekut with their data to use the GPS!

Fight fight then breakup.

A moment of silence for these two ex-friends.


Now U Mobile wants to help sesat drivers with… FREE data for WAZE!

umobile waze promo 4x4

That’s right! CILISOS sponsor and BFF, U Mobile, is so done with sesat drivers all across Malaysia. They know that data is precious to Malaysians, so that’s why they’ve partnered with Waze to give U Mobile subscribers FREE DATA to navigate on the road. 

Smoother journey to your destination, plus more data to check Facebook and read CILISOS? Who dowan? 😛

FYI, this is for all current Postpaid plans and all Prepaid (only those with purchase of UMI) monthly data subscriptions, and will be available now till 31st December 2016. The best part is… even if you’ve run out of your bundled data, you’ll still get to enjoy Waze at high speed! Vroom vroom motha truckas! (Click here for more info.)



But with free data for Waze, you should first know how to drive in Malaysia… Take our JPJ quiz now!

Yea free data for Waze aside, do ~you~ know how to drive properly in Malaysia? By ‘Malaysia’ we don’t mean our questionable Malaysian ways, but… the law! We looked through the JPJ handbook as well as the JPJ online test, and curated these 10 questions to see whether you remember what they taught you during undang-undang. 😉

Tell us your most GERAM car-parking stories and get Uber credits worth RM50

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