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[QUIZ] Can you guess if these Malaysian news are REAL or FAKE?

Most Malaysians expect their credible news sources to report… well, credible news. However, many of our recent local headlines might leave us wondering if we’ve become the victim of a troll link or have somehow accessed a satirical news site like Fake Malaysia News by accident. Some of us might even have kena conned by a Fake Malaysia News headline on Facebook just because it sounds so plausible.

Seriously. FMN is so kicka$$ and CILISOS loves ’em as much we love freshly fried keropok lekor. And that’s major love, yo!

Anyway, how well do you think YOU can tell the difference between a real Malaysian news headline and a satirical one?

We’ve teamed up with the very, very awesome peepur behind FMN to provide us with their headlines and mixing them up with headlines from The StarThe Malaysian Insider dan lain-lain to see if you can tell the difference.

Kk, ready? Put on your bullshizz detector, let’s see if you can guess the answers to the quiz below: 

[playbuzz-game game=”https://www.playbuzz.com/cilisosmedia10/are-these-malaysian-headlines-fake-or-real”]

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