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So a Geoduck fell into a tank of Clams

And results in CILISOS’s shortest article ever. Unfortunately, Ryan Wong, who saw this in a seafood restaurant in Kayu Ara near our office, didn’t have any video footage of the Geoduck selecting a clam to inspect. So the only bit of information we can offer here is what the heck a Geoduck is.

The geoduck is both one of the largest clams in the world, and one of the longest-lived animals of any type“. – from Wikipedia lor.

Apparently, Geoducks are actually cousins of clams, and so maybe it’s just looking for a friend. It can do so much more efficiently than clams since its extension can grow up to ONE METRE! … and if you still can’t figure out the ‘point’ of this post, then don’t worry about it and we’re sorry to have wasted your time 🙂

Okla, just click here. Then click here.

….then watch this and try not to giggle like a 10-year old.

A town in Sarawak has yearly festivals where they catch and cook this poisonous fish


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  2. khai

    02/10/2014 at 1:43 pm

    “like a foreskin..*snicker*.”


    Oh god…Why did I watch the video??

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  4. cL

    07/08/2014 at 11:07 am

    i laughed like a little girl 😛

    • Chak Onn Lau

      07/08/2014 at 8:25 pm

      well, i laugh like a dwarf, but to each their own 🙂

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