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So what were Malaysians talking about when they #BeraturGE14?

In case you’ve just returned from your week-long hike on Gunung Tahan, here’s some shocking news for you: the 14th General Election is over and done with, and Malaysia is now under the Pakatan Rakyat rule, meaning that Mahathir is now our Prime Minister… again. Now that we’re all up to speed, before the election happened we asked our readers to share with us what they overhear or experience while queuing up to vote using the hashtag #BeraturGE14.

"Aaa? Got meh?!"

“Aaa? Got meh?”

Goooot. From what our readers posted, it’s possible to paint a sort of picture of what Malaysian elections are like. For example…


The line. The long, long line

You’ve probably noticed the lines of people if you went to vote the other day.


The sunny Malaysian climate probably didn’t help, but that just makes us appreciate those who stayed in line to vote even more 😉 .

Some were lucky for not having to queue at all at their voting stations. @nurazreen voted at such a station, but she had to queue anyways.

But even with long lines, our readers reported that the voters lined up in a proper manner, without much complaint. Wah, so nice!    

Put a bunch of Malaysians in line together, and what do you get? Some may guess that people just looked at their phones for the most part, but actually…      

Strangers do talk to each other while queuing up

While some voting stations were reportedly kinda quiet…      

Others not so much. Some, like @sarahreanna‘s dad, saw this as an opportunity to have a chat with random strangers:

The older generation in particular seemed rather pleased with all the young voters coming to vote:    

Guess what? Mat Sabu isn't the first Defense Minister with zero experience.

And since a lot of the voting happened in schools…


Ermahgerd the school flashbacks!

Voting day, or parent-teacher day? Img from mStar.

Voting day, or parent-teacher day? Img from mStar.

Unless you’re a parent or a teacher, it had probably been a while since you’ve stepped foot inside a school. The sights can trigger fond memories for some:

Jo's post

The school bell in particular got a lot of mentions… how long were these people in line?!   



Some received visits from politicians while in line…

…but not everyone was too excited about that. At least, not for the Kepayan DUN seat in Sabah, anyways. @RizalRozhan recounted how voters at the voting station reacted towards this guy:

Datuk Francis Goh, MCA/BN candidate for Kepayan. Img from MCA Penampang's Facebook.

Datuk Francis Goh, MCA/BN candidate for Kepayan. Img from MCA Penampang’s Facebook.



All seriousness of politics and voting aside…


Malaysians will be Malaysians

While we may have heard some serious stuff in the line to vote…

…there’s a sort of festive air among Malaysians on the day that contrasts with the solemnity of the affair. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Overall, it had been one heck of an election day, and regardless of the outcome, we’re sure a lot of people will remember it for years to come… or at least, until the next election. Have you overheard other funny stuff while lining up to vote the other day? Let us know in the comments!

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