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Is Tun M’s Cabinet fair to each party? We created a point system for a clearer picture.

So yes. CILISOS are known as the data freaks, so instead of having a nice teh tarik and going to sleep tonight like we really should, we decided to take a look at the new cabinet announced by Tun M today, and try to at least give you an idea of if it was fair to all the component parties. Already as a result of the cabinet listings, DAP Youth has complained that they have been left out. Also, it’s important to remember that there are apparently 3 more ministerial roles to be filled after some members get voted into Dewan Negara.

And a last disclaimer, a few readers have commented that the best person should get the job. We agree! However, a government also functions like a company – those who do well would expect to be rewarded. Let’s see what the numbers say…

Here’s how we awarded the point system (macam Olympics yo). Of course, we aren’t trained political analysts, so we are more than happy to change if enough of you think it’s unfair. #IHATECILISOS

  • 5 points – for PM la Tun M
  • 3 points – for Ministerial Heads & Deputy Prime Minister (we know some ministries have more power than others, but if we pick, sure kena flame one)
  • 2 points – for Deputy Ministers, OR Heads of Ministries in the PM’s office
  • 1 point – for Deputy Ministers in the PM’s office

We also compared it to each parties performance based on the results of GE14, and broke down cabinet positions awarded to male and female candidates 🙂

Can Malaysia REALLY afford to hire an extra 250,000 civil servants? We calculate.

EDIT: 3 July 11am – OOPS! We accidentally included Ong Kian Ming under Amanah. Stats have been updated. Sorry! Told you we were sleepy.

If you can’t view the excel sheet below, click here for a direct link.

Wah… interesting… here’s a few things we noticed in the key findings

kabinet points results cilisos3

As you can see, PKR got the most seats, while the rest were pretty evenly divided by the other 3 parties. But deeper into the data….

big data

  • DAP does seem to be shortchanged with the same points as Pribumi, considering they won the 2nd most seats in GE14, AND had the highest win rate of any party by far (89.3% vs PKR’s 67.6%)
  • Pribumi and Amanah seem to get a higher ratio of posts compared to the seats they won in GE14. DAP seem to have a slightly lower ratio (not that shortchanged after our correction of Ong Kian Ming. Sorry!)
  • Nope, women didn’t hit the promised 30% number – instead, they’re at 21.57% for seats, and surprisingly even if you apply the point system, they earn 21% of the points.
  • WARISAN gets a surprising amount of influence, considering they aren’t officially part of the coalition (but agreed to work with them)

Let us know of any observations you have, and if they’re interesting, we’ll include them in this list! In the meantime, please feel free to discuss in the comments 🙂

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