This aircond wants to clean dirty Malaysian air with… WASABI?! But how?

Malaysia? Clean air?


As much as we love our country, clean air isn’t something we’re most popular for. Granted it could be really fresh and “crisp” (whatever that means) in the jungles and hills, but if you’re living in a dense part of urban Malaysia, you’re bound to breathe in a nasty cocktail of haze, dust, smoke and your husband’s burp.

So there’s no wonder why people have tried all sorts of ways to purify their home. Keep lidah buaya plants, leave activated charcoal lying in some corner, have a little pond, use an air purifier.. but guess what…


… now you can even use WASABI?!

YES, REALLY. We found an aircond that actually uses freaking wasabi in their air filter! We thought they were kidding too, but turns out it’s legit. Turns out, this potent, green paste actually has antibacterial effects. A study even found that wasabi had high potential to effectively control various bacterias, with E. coli being one of them. That’s possibly why people often eat wasabi with raw fish, which as you can imagine could attract all sorts of bacteria during preparation.

So here’s what Japanese brand Hitachi did actually. They extracted part of the particles in the wasabi, and used it as a coating in their fancily-named Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying Filter which promises a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-mold, anti-allergen and deodorizing effect. Just remember that it’s organic and needs to be changed twice a year, or not it’ll start decaying.

Woooh so clear.

Woooh so clear.

You can find this technology in a few of their products, BUT what they’d wanna highlight now is their latest models which uses a new refrigerant, called the R32. (What’s a ‘refrigerant’? Neh… the one you always hear your parents say ‘aircon no more gas edy’.)

10 adorable ways our Malaysian parents quietly sayang us

There’s been a global drive to ban greenhouse gases (bad stuff la) in air-conds, so manufacturers are trying to find ways to create a solution that works for them, their users, and the environment. The R32 is one of the latest ones. If you look at your air-cond and see R22, you’d know that your refrigerant is a super old model. On the contrary, most air-conds nowadays use the R410A refrigerant. 

How does the new R32 refrigerant compare to the R410A? Hitachi claims that it has higher cooling capacity, is more energy-efficient, and has a much lower GWP (Global Warming Potential) too.

So IF you’re planning on getting one, our friends at Senheng are running a Chinese New Year promo so it probably won’t be a bad idea to take advantage of it.


You may get a free phone too 🙂

From now till 28th February 2018, you can get an extra 1 year warranty for free, and the option of a 24-month instalment with 0% interest. It’s available at all their senQ showrooms.

And if you’re a PlusOne® Member, you get to save some money too. Not too bad la:


Note that only the bottom two have the Wasabi filter. For more info, click here.

Apart from that, you can also take advantage of their Festive Double Giveaway. If your purchases are RM1,000 and above, you’ll stand a chance to win one of 10 units of iPhone X. Just make sure that you make your purchase at their showrooms before the month ends, and that the purchase is made with a Maybank card. (T&Cs apply.)

For more info, go kepoh at their website here 🙂

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