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There’s a common advice among Malaysian mothers and it involves… your future spouse!?

When it comes to facts of life, nobody has it more than our mothers. Recently, we asked our readers to share some of the things their mothers would say to them while they were growing up, and here are some of the responses we got:


Seems like a lot of your mothers liked using hantu nenen as a way to keep you in line. Click here and here to check out more comments.


Just like our mothers, AIA Public Takaful wants you to berusaha to take care of yourselves!

Now, if you were to compile ALL of the pieces of advice your mothers might have given you over the years, you might be able to put together a list of stats about how to make things better or how to prevent bad things from happening. For example, “98% of people who apologise and forgive tend to feel at peace” or “68% of drivers who get enough sleep feel happier even when stuck in traffic“, just to name a few.

Screenshot from AIA's Facebook

Data Mak Aku looks something like this. Screenshot from AIA’s Facebook

Which is why our friends at AIA Public Takaful decided, why not compile all of the things said to us over the course of our childhoods into a collection of Data Mak Aku! Just like the things our mothers say, these Data Mak Aku statistics are fun facts that hold bits of truth to them about how we can make our lives better. But at the same time, our mothers can only do so much for us, and so the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to work hard in achieving our dreams and to take care of ourselves.

What medical conditions can you get PAID for in Malaysia?

So with Data Mak Aku, AIA Public Takaful doesn’t only want you to strive to achieve your goals in life but also to ensure that you put in the effort to take good care of yourselves be it physically, mentally and emotionally. That might mean eating healthier, exercising more, getting enough rest, and planning better – which is why if you haven’t already, you can take care of yourselves by getting adequate protection under one of AIA Public Takaful’s plans for your health, your retirement, or even your whole family!


So… what kinda data did we get from your responses?

Out of over 400 responses we’ve gotten from y’all on both CILISOS and SOSCILI, we narrowed them down based on AIA Public Takaful’s protection pillarsEat Well, Move Well, Plan Well, and Rest Well. And if you wanna see what we ended up with…


Did we miss out on any? Let us know what your mothers used to say to you and how that protected you or helped you become a better person! And remember, you can be safe with your mother’s advice in mind, but you can only get better by putting in the effort to do so! #UsahaPelengkapTawakal

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