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VIDEO: What happens when you crash a 1985 Proton Saga (and is the new one any better)?

We found some old footage of the original Proton Saga (circa 1990) running an NCAP crash test and the results ain’t pretty. The tests were run by MIROS, which is the the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (shouldn’t that be MIRSR?) at a speed of 64 kph, to gauge the momentum impact of the collision on the car and driver. Why now and not last millenium? To demonstrate that 12-year old cars are unsafe for road usage 🙂

Good going guys… Although the car is actually 23 years old. And yes, as you can see… it’s also a death trap.

PS: Nice product placement VW

PS: Nice product placement VW

What’s scarier tho is that it’s pretty much the same as the Iswara (which we couldn’t find crash tests for) with a front grill change, which was sold all the way till 2008, and incidentally is still found all over Malaysia, mostly painted in red and white for some reason.

From wikipedia.


I mean, it’s true that most old cars wouldn’t fare well. Here’s a gratuitious shot of an Old VW Beetle crashing…


But there are also 12 year old cars that are pretty safe… like an old Volvo for instance


So how about the current group of Proton cars then? Well, Live Life Drive released some results recently…


As you can see, the new Proton Saga achieved a single star in its safety ranking. Well, at least it has one star . (Note: As one of our users, SUTHESHKUMAR87 pointed out, this is the old single-airbag version, which is no longer sold. The new one has 2 airbags and a 3-star rating)

Here’s the video for that crash test.

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Nice to know the occupants can keep their legs in the new millennium. And the Proton Preve crash test…

….which, incidentally got 5 STARS! So at least Proton is improving its track record. However, this rating is intended for occupants, and not people outside the car. On the NCAP site, there was this comment.

“The pedestrian protection can best be described as dire. Proton admitted to Euro NCAP that its designs weren’t pedestrian friendly, but promised improvements.”

5 star safety, but deadly for pedestrians? Then maybe they can keep some of their existing customer base.

from Pinch of salt sold separately.

As for the rest of us. It’s comforting to know that our new cab will be the 4star NCAP new Proton Exora 🙂

(Note: Apparently this is Exora is for the Australian market only. Ours, which is 2 airbag, has not yet been rated. Thanks again to eagle-eyed SUTHESHKUMAR87 )


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  2. Muhaimin Zamri

    16/05/2014 at 11:29 am

    If you look carefully, you will notice in the case of Preve, during the crash, the passenger airbag deployed with such force that it broke the windscreen. wow…

  3. Chak Onn Lau

    15/05/2014 at 3:06 pm

    Thanks mate. updated in article with credits to you. Sorry, we do try to do our homework but apparently you did it better 🙂

  4. sutheshkumar87

    15/05/2014 at 12:49 am

    Dude, do up the homework properly lar first.

    The 2 videos you shared is from ANCAP, the Australian NCAP. Asean one is known as, well you know it. ASEAN NCAP.

    Go to paultan to checkout for more stuffs. The current Saga is a 3 star car, which has 2 airbags. The 1 star rated car is the version with one airbag, which is no longer sold. And the one tested by the ANCAP is the pre-facelift BLM version.

    4 star Exora? Hah, not for our market. that is only for Australians, which comes with airbags. Ours is only 2 airbags and not as yet tested by ASEAN NCAP.

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