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Want CNY stuff from TAOBAO but kenot read Chinese? Here’s a few easy tips from bananas

Blink after Christmas and malls around KL will change from white to a flood of red. Yay Chinese New Year is almost here! Unfortunately, with expenses going up everywhere around KL, even us English-speakers have started showing interest in a platform know as… TAOBAO, and its little brother, T-mall. So TAOBAO and T-mall are extensions of the Alibaba family, and they sell more stuff every year than eBay and Amazon combined. Like a super-sexy Cheongsam for RM55, or a Qi wireless charger for just RM20.

Of course, the only reason you don’t already know this is that like many people in the CILISOS office, you probably don’t speak Chinese. But even though the whole site is in Chinese, some of our readers are already lovin it.

taobao support

And Taobao knows its fan-base too, with a super-generous Angpow giveaway this CNY. From 24th till 28th Jan 2018, all they gotta do is spend RMB666 and get RMB88 off, or spend RMB88 and get RMB18 off! (FYI RM1 = RMB1.62 right now). Since you banana sure not good at math, we calculate that’s a 13.2% and 20.4% discount yo! Plus, all the Flash Sale stuff will have free shipping too!

So yes, even this banana writer also wanna try adi. Excited yet? OK OK… we ask some of our readers to show you how to Taobao nao.



1. Use Google Translate

taobao google translate

If you’re using Chrome browser, it actually detects when you’re a banana, so this little button pops up at the end of the URL bar. Simply click it and MAGIC!

taobao translated

yay engrish!


2. Start recognizing which icons mean what

remember icons taobao

So for some bananas, the only language they need to understand is OMGSOCHEAPanese. You can actually tell quite alot from icons. On the left hand side, it’s pretty obvious what the t-shirt, headphones and shoes icons are… and on the top you got… SHOPPING CART lo!

Latest scam is an SMS list of "JPJ samans". But then JPJ officers got the SMS too :D

Also, look out for this black cat fler,

tmall cat

which signifies that this item is from T-mall, which means this particular good or service is coming from a big company, rather than a small individual seller. BUUUT, if you want more than that, thankfully, also has helpful English guides on its Facebook page… like this.

But if AFTER ALL that you still sesat….. then…


3. Just get a real Chinese friend la

chinese friends

Amazingly, we’re not joking for once! Loads of Malaysians have actually done this already. Some use their wives, some use their colleagues, and others can go cari in other places. If you still cannot cari…


Then why not go find some Chinese friends at Taobao’s CNY Reunion dinner?

THAT’s RIGHT! Taobao is having a CNY Reunion dinner, and up to 1000 Malaysians will be invited! A few of those tables will be going to charity homes (awww Taobaoooo), and the stage will be occupied by Malaysian pop-idol, Michael Wong, but the rest are up for grabs! taobao dinner

All you gotta do is…

Step 1: Send in your “The FIRST Thing I shopped on Taobao…” in less than 20 words

Step 2: Submit your answer here:

The contest ends on 24th Jan 2018, so get cracking! Don’t worry! Contest in English yo!

So stop wondering why Chinese speaking people seem to have cooler stuff. Faster participate, and join throngs of ecstatic Chinese consumers who’ve been saving money for cool kit for ages (yes, 3 CILISOS bananas included)!



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