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What would you do if someone kicks your seat in the cinema? Take our Msian movie survey now!

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So in the past few months, movie freaks have been #blessed with some of the biggest movies of our time. Think Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, the final installation of How To Train Your Dragon, and even the FIRST live action Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu! (Okok maybe this writer is a bit biased…)

That’s not all. Last year, the local film industry even broke its sales record with more than RM165 MILLION collected – three times more than the year before! Some of the notable movies that contributed to this include Munafik 2Hantu Kak Limah and Paskal.

If you weren’t a fan of local movies, maybe these would change your mind? Photo from Harian Metro

Moving past the present, we wonder… what CAN we expect from cinemas in the near future? ?

GSC wants to build the Cinema of the Future for ugaiz

And they need YOUR input for that… and that’s where Cilisos comes in ^_^

See, last year, we ran the Great Malaysian Movie Survey 2018 with our friends at GSC, and found out a WHOLE bunch of stuff about Malaysians and their bizarre movie behaviour. (Like… people have smuggled nasi ikan siakap into the cinema?!! View full results here.)

THIS year, we’re running another movie survey, but with an added focus… like what kinda new experiences YOU want in local cinemas! Actually, GSC wants to build cinemas with the latest tech to rocket you guys into the future, so you can enjoy the latest movies like never before. This includes launching the first cinema LCD screen di Malaysia, Onyx, and projecting a film onto THREE screens at ONCE to give you a 270-degree view with ScreenX technology! A bit potong stim la if you were to watch Thanos on old-skool VCR la…

Walao.. you’ll feel like you’re IN the movie wei. Photo from FB/GSCinemas

Apart from fancy boom boom tech, we also wanna use the survey to find out a whole bunch of OTHER things too, like…

… how would Malaysians react when other people won’t stop kicking their seats?

… what’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to them in the cinema?

… how much couple-couple lovey-doveyness is TOO much for the cinema?

So take our survey now and share with us your honest answers! Survey closes 27th June 2019, and results will be out a few weeks after that.

Click here to take the Great Malaysian Movie Survey 2019! 

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