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The 7 worst types of Malaysian commenters

Not to be confused with our post on the ‘21 types of Malaysian Facebook commenters‘ (which was written donkey years ago when we were still a bit clueless with CILISOS), here’s another story that we felt could be a timely addition to the current climate.

Last week, BFM video presenter Aisyah Tajuddin questioned the implementation of the hudud law in our country in a video by BFM. Here’s the video, titled ‘Hudud Isi Periuk Nasi?’:

While many criticised Aisyah for her ignorance, some applauded her for being bold in voicing out her opinions. And in between pockets of reasoned responses were the ugly, spiteful, degrading comments calling for Aisyah to be burned alive, raped and even shot dead. (Wahlao why so mulut busuk one?!)

Ok sure, these are just words and they may not really mean what they said, so why take it so seriously right?

But truth be told, these words have real consequences – BFM has since taken down the video, Aisyah made an apology, and her father too stepped out to address the issue. And we’re all too familiar with the effects of social media – one minute you’re a nobody, the next you’re an overnight sensation with haters all across the nation. (Anybody remember Kiki?) Plus, for a religion that promotes peace, these distasteful comments are only worsening the stigma misinformed non-Muslims have against Islam.

So with that in mind, we listed down 7 worst internet commenters that make us cringe, ranked from least horrid to please-destroy-their-modemz.



7. The Typo Spoter

the typo 1

‘Bout them: Gets extremely worked up when a writer marries ‘a’ and ‘lot’, making it ‘alot’ instead of ‘a lot’ (among other things). Has extremely high standards of publishing English and finds the need to highlight mistakes in public. The nice ones would leave a one-word comment with an asterisk (like above!), while the not-so-nice ones would say, “You’re in publishing and you can’t differentiate it’s from its?? Quit your job!!”

Try this: Actually… Mayyybe show a little mercy for hardworking writers who churn out 2-3 original, non-plagiarised articles weekly, siap with interviews, research and bad Photoshop? Of course we’re talking about CILISOS writers, heh.

(We just have to say that the commenter above is one of our faves, especially because of his constructive remarks and openness to different views… But once a while we bertypo sikit, so kasi chan la bro T__T)

6. The Tumpang-Jer

the tumpang jer

‘Bout them: Lurks around popular Facebook pages, ready to copy paste a whole chunk of cheesy marketing text complete with phone number for interested customers to ‘what apps’. Not quite sure if the method is effective, tho…

Try this: OK guys, we know how difficult it is to cari makan in this day and age, but maybe uols can try to target groups that are relevant to your product? We lost the screencap but once, we had someone trying to sell kambing on our CILISOS Facebook page, yo! Kamon… Wrong audience leh…


5. The Guru Besar

the guru besar

‘Bout them: Questions why article A only covered stuff about A and not about B, C, D, E…Z. Most times, this person has a solid knowledge on the subject and want other readers to know more.

Try this: Instead of asking, try adding your thoughts to the discussion to interact with other readers. Writing an article is completely different from writing a dissertation – there are way too many limitations and the article needs to be as concise and focused as possible, and being written for a web audience makes it a lot trickier than you think!

7 non-Muslim Kelantanese tell us what they think about Hudud


4. The Pancut-Too-Fast

But the article was about questioning the study, not the study itself 🙁

‘Bout them: Comments before reading article, then writes something either completely irrelevant or super salah. We have no idea why people keep doing that! 🙁

Try this: Umm… Click and read…


3. The Elsa a.k.a. Cannot-Let-It-Go

Screenshot 2015-03-23 18.28.00

‘Bout them: Cannot let go of an unfortunate incident despite numerous rounds of damage control. Also, chooses to comment negatively when the options of ‘doing other better things in life’ or ‘minding own business’ are wide open. Most likely to do this because sifat han (backside itchy).

Try this: Leave them alone, maybe? Take poor (but delicious) Cadbury Malaysia for example… Tak pasal-pasal kena dragged into this whole porky disaster, and as it turns out, they’re halal. (Jakim confirmed one.) So, if you still wanna boycott them, ok lor, don’t buy their products but don’t flame their Facebook like as though they stole your ex-boyfriend la. They’re trying to run a business!


2. The Racist Jerk

the racist

‘Bout them: Always, always, always have something terrible to say about a certain race. Potentially have had a traumatic experience with someone of said race, or perhaps grew up in a xenophobic environment because racism is taught, not born. Or just a class A douchebag for no good reason.

Try this: There’s a difference between being proud of your race and putting other races down, and the latter has absolutely no place in a progressive society like Malaysia. If you’ve got a problem with someone of a certain race, remember – not everyone in the world is a clone stamp of each other despite the similarity to the colour of their skin. Even if you don’t buy that line, just keep your opinions to yourself because…

Screenshot 2015-03-23 23.48.02

And a racist comment smells just like a sharp, acidic whiff of sambal petai belacan.



1. The Führer

the fuhrer 2

Actual comments from a repost of Aisyah BFM’s video on YouTube

‘Bout them: It’s very possible that these commenters have the inability to counter-argue with proper reasoning and well-thought points, therefore they resort to angry, violent and reeeeally scarrrry threats. Die! Kill! Rape! Diarrhoea! F**k the forehead! (Yea WTF we know) Pew pew pew!!!

Try this: Grow up!


Enough la, ugaiz…

Getting mean comments is one of the reasons why a lot of interviewees decline to be named or even interviewed, regardless of what the subject matter is. Not sure about other sites and newspapers, but we get the “Can I be anonymous” response way too often, even if it’s about the best curry mee in KL! 

Are we nurturing a culture of hatred, fear and violence? We complain about the gomen seditioning everything and putting tape over our mouths, but aren’t we *kinda* doing the same to our own rakyatfolk?

Okla, we can argue that it’s all about freedom of speech… (And the very fact that we’re talking smack about commenters is uncomfortably conflicting too…) But perhaps we should understand that having freedom to speak doesn’t mean we should misuse it to harm another person. 

C’mon guys… We’re better than that, yo!


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